OnePlus Nord: Amazon must disappoint pre-orders

Image source: GIGA

The OnePlus Nord is a real mega success on Amazon. Many interested parties pre-ordered immediately and were looking forward to today’s delivery. The anticipation is clouded by an email from Amazon.

OnePlus North

OnePlus Nord: pre-orders postponed by 2 weeks

Actually, the OnePlus Nord, which has been available for pre-order from Amazon for a while, should be delivered today. So also from one of our work colleagues here at GIGA. But then today the disappointment. The delivery, which was actually announced for August 5, is simply delayed by two weeks to August 19 – probably mind you. Of course, the date may also not be kept.

Image source: GIGA

This is of course a big disappointment if you were hoping to get your new smartphone today. The hype surrounding the OnePlus Nord is great, because the cell phone offers really good features for the price. In the OnePlus Nord test, the mobile phone did very well and quickly conquered the smartphone bestsellers on Amazon. In the beginning there was even a big discount campaign, which gave Prime customers a discount of 30 euros. That naturally led to an even bigger rush. Now pre-orderers who wanted to hold their cell phones in their hands today have to be patient. Hopefully the delivery time will not increase any further. Two weeks is a bit long.

The OnePlus Nord presented:

OnePlus Nord: more is coming

The OnePlus Nord creates a lot of enthusiasm – and rightly so. After all, it has an incredibly good price-performance ratio. Currently, you can still pre-order the phone from Amazon, but there is no delivery date. So you have to be patient. OnePlus also plans to launch additional Nord smartphones. So it might be worth waiting a bit longer if you are not completely happy with the first north. The price-performance ratio should also fit there. It is not yet known when the new cell phones will appear. OnePlus must first work through the rush to the first north.

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