OnePlus Nord + headphones + 8 GB LTE in the Telekom network for € 19.50 / month

Image source: Severin Pick / GIGA

The new OnePlus Nord developed into a real insider tip among mid-range smartphones shortly after its market launch. The overall stylish phone package is really hard to beat. If you are looking for a contract to match the OnePlus Nord and can use additional headphones, LogiTel currently has an ingenious tariff bundle for just 19.50 euros per month. GIGA has looked at the details and checked.

Super bundle offer: OnePlus Nord + 8 GB LTE + Allnet-Flat in the Telekom network

Since August 4th, the OnePlus Nord has also been officially available in Germany at an introductory price of 399 euros. OnePlus makes the right compromises with the mid-range smartphone and sends a real price-performance hammer into the race: a stylish design, 90 Hertz display, good performance, solid main camera and long battery life create a great overall package.

To the OnePlus Nord with 128 GB Speicher you currently get the “Congstar Allnet Flat M Aktion” tariff at LogiTel 8 GB LTE data volume (25 Mbit / s) and Allnet-Flat in the Telekom network for only 19.50 euros a month. On top of that there are In ear headphones OnePlus Bullets worth around 22 euros for free. You pay 1 euro once for the smartphone, the connection fee is 14.63 euros.

Important: LogiTel increases the data volume in the first month free of charge from 7.81 euros to 13 GB and doubles your download speed. These options will be extended for a fee from the 2nd month if you do not cancel them. In the Congstar app you can easily remove both options after the start of the contract and continue to pay 19.50 euros per month.

The details of the tariff at a glance:

  • Provider: LogiTel
  • Tariff: Congstar Allnet Flat M promotion
  • Network: Telekom
  • 8 GB LTE data volume with up to 25 Mbit / s (in the 1st month 13 GB, 50 Mbit / s, can be canceled)
  • Allnet and SMS flat rate
  • 24 months minimum contract period, 3 months notice
  • Encore: OnePlus Type-C Bullets in-ear headphones, black

OnePlus Nord in a bundle: That’s why the offer is good

So that it becomes clear how good the offer actually is, we have added up all costs over the minimum contract period and then deducted the hardware costs. We expect a monthly contribution of 20 euros, as the reduced VAT will probably only apply until December 31, 2020:

  • 24 x 20 euros for the contract = 480 euros
  • Connection fee: 14.63 euros
  • Additional payment for the OnePlus Nord: 1 euro
    = 495.63 euros Total costs over 24 months minimum term

The OnePlus Nord (128 GB) without a contract currently costs 399 euros, for the OnePlus Bullets you pay 22 euros. If we subtract the device costs from the total costs (495.63 – 421 euros), that leaves 74.63 euros. Arithmetically you pay per month so only 3.10 euros for the pure tariff services without hardware – that is impressive! For 8 GB of LTE data volume in the Telekom network including all-network flat rate and EU roaming, this is a really good price despite the speed limit (25 Mbit / s).

This is how we calculate whether a cell phone tariff is really good:

Important: You should terminate the contract no later than 3 months before the end of the minimum contract period. Often after 24 months you will pay disproportionately much for poor performance.

OnePlus Nord with contract: who is it worth buying for?

The tariff bundle with the OnePlus Nord is worthwhile for anyone looking for a future-proof 5G smartphone with a strong price-performance ratio. As our test for the OnePlus Nord (overall rating: 8/10 points) shows, you can get a lot of smartphones for little money here. OnePlus is also known for long-term software support for its own devices. Even if the contract limits the download speed to 25 Mbit / s and does not yet offer 5G, the stable Telekom network should ensure consistently good network coverage and speed. 8 GB of data is sufficient for everyday tasks and occasional streaming in Full HD. You should only be careful with the additional options you initially booked and cancel them if you don’t need them.

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