OnePlus Nord succeeds sensation: 1,350 euro cell phone beaten

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The recently launched OnePlus Nord should return to the roots of the group and set new standards in terms of price-performance ratio. That worked out well, as the test showed – and in an important area, the mid-range smartphone was even able to prevail against a significantly more expensive competitor.

OnePlus North

Smartphones have become expensive. Over the years, the manufacturers have turned the price screw ever higher, so that current flagship models can easily and easily cost 1,000 euros or more. In view of these horrific prices, one characteristic is increasingly coming into focus: repairability. Because in the worst case, the cell phone should at least be easy to repair to avoid expensive new purchases. The new OnePlus Nord scores in this important area.

Cell phone repairability: OnePlus Nord scores 6 out of 10

The repair experts at iFixit took a close look at the new OnePlus smartphone and came to a positive conclusion overall: The OnePlus Nord scored 6 out of 10 possible points on the repairability scale. The testers praise, among other things, that only one screwdriver is required for each type of repair and that all components are modular and can be replaced individually.

There was criticism, however, that changing the display – according to iFixit, after all, the most common repair for mobile phones – had no priority when it came to the internal structure of the components.

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OnePlus Nord beats Galaxy S20 Ultra

A comparison with the competition is interesting. With the 6 out of 10 possible points, the OnePlus Nord is outstanding. The new iPhone SE, for example, which is also in the middle class, also achieves this number of points. Samsung’s Galaxy A51, on the other hand, only gets 4 out of 10 possible points and it looks very bad for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: the cell phone only achieved 3 out of 10 points, which cost a whopping 1,350 euros at the market launch.

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