OnePlus TWS headphones will be presented alongside the OnePlus Nord

It seems that no manufacturer wants to get out of fashion to create wireless headphones since Apple will launch AirPods. One of the few relevant brands is that they still don’t have any is OnePlus, but that will change shortly.

Over the last few weeks we have seen some leaks that showed us what the design of these headphones would be like, very similar to those of companies that work under the same OnePlus matrix, BBK, such as Vivo and OPPO.

Now it has been the company itself that has hinted on their social networks which will shortly present new headphones.

Wireless, with charging box and … stick

OnePlus TWS headphones will be presented alongside the OnePlus Nord

We currently have two types of headphones, those that look like the original AirPods, such as an extension that protrudes from the ear or those that try to be as compact as possible, such as the Google Pixel Buds 2 and the new ones that Samsung will present soon. .

The new OnePlus product goes in the first direction, and we know there will be a model in black color and supposedly also another in white. The two will have the same design, with a slightly flattened box in which we can store the two headphones and that will have both a charging port and a notification LED.

Said before, these TWS headphones are very likely inspired by products that we already know from brands very close to OnePlus. In this image you have the I live TWS Neo, very similar to what we have seen so far from the OnePlus TWS headphones.

I live TWS Neo

I live TWS Neo

Considering that on July 21 there will be an OnePlus event to present the new mid-range terminal, the OnePlus Nord, it is more than likely that at that moment the OnePlus Buds TWS. Of course, at the moment we do not know neither the characteristics nor the price that these TWS headphones will have.

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