OnePlus updates its launcher with an unexpected and useful function

Luckily for users, mobile phone manufacturers have been polishing the interfaces they use on their mobiles and that run on top of the operating system that Google provides them.

We have seen this in brands such as Samsung, which although it has a heavily modified interface, works much better than it did a few years ago.

Other brands, such as OnePlus, have boasted, and rightly so, that they have lightweight and very fast software. But even at Oxygen we found some things that could be improved.

OnePlus launcher updates Google Discover

Until the launch of the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro one of the few downsides that the company’s software had, at least in my opinion, was that it replaced the Google Discover on the left side of the desks with its own bookshelf. In it we had access to where we had parked the car or recent applications among other things.

However, many people complained that they could not have access to news in that area, something that is very convenient for many users. So we were surprised and glad when OnePlus rectified and in the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro he replaced his own software with Google Discover.

Now, in an update of its launcher to be released in the Google Play Store, this modification does not go backwards but it does increase the available options. At the top right a new button will appear that allows us to switch between Google Discover and OnePlus own area with shortcuts and widgets. There’s also a new option in the desktop settings that allows you to open Shelf, your app area, by swiping down anywhere on the desktop. In this way, each user can use the feature that interests them the most, and can even alternate between one and the other.

OnePlus updates its launcher with an unexpected and useful function

This function is slowly taking off and although we update the launcher in the Google Play Store, the button to switch between the two services may not appear, so we will have to wait.

Hopefully companies like OPPO and Samsung copied this OnePlus feature and allowed us, although not to remove their software, at least allow us to easily choose between theirs and Google’s.

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