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The fact of being able to add this type of content means that we can create much more attractive documents. Specifically, as we are going to show below, we can add a video to a Word document in different ways, from a YouTube video, as from any other website or even from a local file.

How to add an online video in Word

Inserting a video into a Word document is quite simple, in addition, it is one of the most repeated tasks, since in most cases we all go to YouTube or other online video platforms to search for videos with all kinds of content.

To do this, these are the steps we must follow:

  • We open the Word document where we want to add the video.
  • We select the option Insert from the main Word menu.
  • Now we look for the option Online video within the Multimedia section.
  • We click on this option and then a new window will open.
  • In it we must write or paste the Video url that we want to add in our Word document.
  • We click on OK.

add video in word

We will automatically see how the video from YouTube, Vimeo or any other site where the video is found in Word is added, right in the place where we had placed the cursor within the document. By simply clicking on the video, the controls that allow us to change the size of the video within the document, move it from one place to another, etc. will be displayed.

To play it, all we have to do is click on the player icon and a small window of the player of the corresponding platform will automatically open to us to start playing it.

video in Word

Add video in Word from a local file

It is also possible to add a video in Word from a local file. That is, if the video that we want to add to our document is saved on our computer’s hard drive and it is not on a streaming content platform such as YouTube, we can also add it.

For it:

  • We open the Word document where we want to add the video.
  • We select the option Insert from the main menu.
  • Inside section Text, we click on the tab that is shown next to the option Object.
  • We click on Object.
  • This will open a new window in which we have to select the tab Create from file.
  • Now click on Examine to select the video file that we want to add in Word.
  • We choose the video file in question and click on To accept.

From that same window we can choose if we want Create from file or link to Word file. If we select the first option, when we want to open the video we will have to select the file in question from our hard drive for playback. However, if we check the second option, we will avoid that the document has to be read from the hard disk and it will be linked to the document so that we can share it without problems.

Add Windows Media Player control with video

Another option that allows you to add a video in a Word and that is displayed in a more professional way is through a Windows Media Player control. In this case, we will include a control of this type in our document and later we will indicate the source of the video and some properties so that it can be played automatically and also shows the controls for video playback, volume, forward and backward, etc. To do this, the first thing we have to do is activate or show the option Programmer in the main menu of the Office tool. For it:

  • We open Word.
  • We touch on the menu option Archive.
  • We came in Choices.
  • Then we click on Customize Ribbon.
  • Within the list of Available tabs we mark the option Programmer.
  • We accept so that the changes are saved and we exit.

Now we will see how the Programmer option appears among the options on the main Word menu, which is what we need to add a video in Word through the Windows Media Player component. These are the next steps to take.

  • We select the menu option Programmer in Word.
  • We go to the section Controls and we display the tab that is shown next to the option Legacy tools.
  • Next, within the ActiveX controls, we select the tools icon or More controls.

video in word

  • This will open a window with a list of controls in which we have to search and select Windows Media Player.
  • We press To accept and a control of the famous player will automatically appear inside our document, right in the place where we have the cursor.

  • Now what we have to do is click with the right mouse button on the control.
  • We came in Properties.
  • We display the parameter WindowslessVideo to set its value to True.
  • In the attribute Personalized, click on the button with the three points.
  • This will open the player properties window where we are going to indicate the video that we want to play within Word.

video in word

  • To do this, in the tab general click on Examine to indicate the path or url of the video we want to play.
  • Below we find certain playback settings and volume settings that we can configure to our liking.
  • With everything ready, click on Apply and OK to save the changes.
  • Finally, within the Word Programmer menu option we deactivate the option Design mode.

Next, we will see how the video begins to play within the Windows Media Player control that we have added to our Word document. Right at the bottom we will have access to the controls to stop or play the video, advance or rewind the playback or adjust its volume. In order to apply any change in the control, we must activate the Design Mode again within the Programmer menu option.

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