OnPlus filters hundreds of emails from your customers


Absurd, we cannot qualify the gaffe who just suffered Oneplus. And the worst thing is that it is not the first or the second time that it happens since the brand’s history with the security of users’ private data is anything but commendable. In the last hours, hundreds of customer emails of the brand have been sent among the users themselves due to manufacturer malpractice.

Right after discovering an exploit that allowed access to the personal information of any user of the brand but, fortunately, it did not exploit (worth the redundancy), we see how someone in charge of sending emails to customers has forgotten to use the always essential “blind copy” button when sending mass emails.

Oneplus He has sent an email to several of his fans and clients in order to carry out a research study regarding his products. The problem is that the person in charge of sending this email seems to have forgotten to host the choreos in «blind copy», so everyone who has received the aforementioned email has access to a good list of emails from other brand users who the mail was also sent.

Email, of course, hasn’t been sent to all OnePlus customers globally, but it has hundreds of email accounts have been exposed, as reported by a person who was included in the mass mail attaching the following screenshot as well.

oneplus emails

Apparently this email has been sent to all those who signed up for a survey requested by OnePlus after the OxygenOs 10.5.11 update, so if you haven’t signed up, your email is safe.

A troubled history

It is likely that the fault lies with the communication department of Oneplus hired by the brand and not by the firm itself, but it is the manufacturer who stands up for this leak because the communication or marketing agency is still the image of OnePlus.

Although this time it is less serious, as hundreds of affected users who have seen their personal mail are exposed, in early 2019 the brand was already involved in serious controversy by the Filtering of numerous data from thousands of users. With no time to recover, at the end of last year an unauthorized third party gained access to the personal data of customers registered by the Chinese firm to such an extent that OnePlus had to contact them to take measures to prevent this data leak. could affect them.

Now what is expected, we suppose, is a mere apology.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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