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In the last decades we have seen how the mobile phone sector has gone from being a global business with world production to a world business with production almost exclusively China. The main manufacturers of these devices have this nationality and the rest use practically the same factories to create their devices. Even Apple.

But if we go to the programs, applications and software we see how reality is very different. China has an incredible ecosystem with hundreds of millions of users and its own applications and platforms. But the West, especially from the United States, also creates applications and services for the rest of the world.

That is why it is so striking that a company like Tik Tok It has managed to make a hole for itself not in its country of origin or in some nearby areas, but in Europe and the United States. And like everything that comes from China, it has raised suspicions.

The United States plans to veto the Chinese social network

As it has done with gigantic companies like Huawei, the Donald Trump administration is studying whether to totally ban the Tik Tok application in its territory. We have already seen some movements by Amazon, although it declined later, and the US government itself.

TikTok, the danger that worries the US Army

American leaders are concerned that this application will somehow serve the Chinese government to obtain sensitive data, be it social, administrative or other.

And this would be a devastating blow to Tik Tok, which has already been banned in India.

Tik Tok wants to be more transparent


At a key moment in the growth of their company, the managers of Tik Tok have announced that they will allow independent experts to audit how their recommendation and moderation algorithms work within the platform.

This is an amazing move on a social network. One of the most valuable aspects of platforms such as Google, Twitter or Facebook is the way in which they present their content to their users, making us spend more and more time using the applications.

That the company does it precisely today is not accidental, and it is that in the United States Congress the executive directors of Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon are declaring, accused of monopolistic practices and abuse of a dominant position.

It remains to be seen whether this movement will serve any purpose, because one of the concerns of the European and American governments is not that currently the mobile manufacturers or the developers of applications and games give information to the government of their country, but that in the future that request is carried out because there a company cannot refuse to give all the information that its government requires.

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