OPPO Find X2 Neo Phone Camera Review and Test


There are quite a few manufacturers that are committed to increasing the number of sensors that they include in their smartphones and, therefore, there are already quite a few that integrate no less than four in the main module. One of them is OPPO Find X2 Neo, a device from which we indicate what it is possible to achieve by taking photos with it.

It is quite clear that the effort that has been made to offer the best possible quality when shooting with this smartphone is great, and therefore the hardware is quite complete and announces that at least the quality obtained with it is high. We leave below the lists of sensors that are included in the main camera that is included in the device we are talking about:

  • Main: 48 MPx with focal length of F: 1.7, 26mm, PDAF and OIS
  • Telephoto: 13 MPx with F: 2.4, 53mm, PDAF and 2X Zoom
  • Wide angle: 8 MPx with focal F: 2.2
  • Depth: 2 MPx with focal F: 2.4

The truth is that the components are quite adequate and complement well everything that the terminal offers, as can be seen in the tab of the OPPO Find X2 Neo. Note that the main sensor is a Sony IMX586 that it is an old acquaintance and that it offers good behavior and the possibility of taking photos at 12 megapixels (which, by the way, is the default option that is selected in the terminal). The case is that with what is included the vast majority of users have a computer that is enough to comply with the desired objective: to take good photos in all kinds of situations.

Photos with the OPPO Find X2 Neo, pretty good

In general, the shots obtained with this model are good, since there is very little noise and, in addition, the dynamic range is convincing since in most situations you get realistic colors. You have some difficulty with white balance when you are in very high light situations, but software processing corrects this in part. It must be said that the use of HDR is recommended, since it avoids certain saturation that appears especially with cold colors, such as blue or green itself.

When taking photos with 48 megapixel resolution, a slight sharpness is noted at the edges of the objects that appear in the image, but it is not serious at all, and the truth is that, if you want to have a large image, the OPPO Find X2 Neo responds in this case well. These are some examples of what is possible to achieve with this phone:

A section where we liked the terminal a lot is when using the blur in the Pictures. The truth is that he has behaved in a way Excellent, with excellent profiling without missing detail in the whole image in general. Also, the speed is high, and it does not suffer if the funds are complex. Also responds good for the night, but you can see the habitual suffering of the main sensor that it includes with artificial lights, where in some specific moments it puts a little grain.

Zooming doesn’t do his job bad either, since even at 5X nothing is added to spoil the result or an unwanted blur appears. From there, the digital work means that there are some errors that are normal but do not render the photos useless (unless the maximum of 20X is reached). At wide angle, in general well the OPPO Find X2 Neo, but in the extremes from the images you can see you can see some of noise that can even annoy the most demanding.

Good selfie camera and video recording

The element of 32 Mpx that is integrated in the front of the OPPO Find X2 Neo and that has an aperture of F: 2.4, it works in a quite efficient way. There is no blur or additional noise, and the color work is quite realistic. It is true that it tends to darken the shots a bit, but the truth is that it performs better than we expected at first.

Regarding video recording, it should be noted a fairly fast focus without losing sharpness and without appreciating especially large jumps when zooming. Stability is pretty good, which is always welcome, and both Full HD and 4K (in this case at 30 FPS), you get quite decent recordings and that does not make you lose ground against your rivals in the market.


The behavior of the OPPO Find X2 Neo is good, since we have not detected a particularly serious failure when taking photos. It is true that at night you could get a better definition, but the good behavior With blur and standard photography, this terminal complies perfectly when it comes to being a solution for more than just Social Networks.

Written by Iván Martín

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