OPPO Find X2 Neo smartphone battery review


The OPPO company is one of those that offers some of the most interesting smartphones in the current market, even its product range in Spain has grown exponentially, which makes it difficult not to find a model that fits what is needed. We have tested the autonomy that the OPPO Find X2 Neo, one of its most striking terminals.

The smartphone we are talking about is quite complete, since the main hardware is quite competent and with it you can use practically any application on the market today. And, in addition, the design it offers is striking. Thus, in addition to a finish in which the metal is present, it should also be noted that the smartphone we are talking about has a thickness of only 7.7 millimeters and, its weight, remains at 171 grams. This means that a good miniaturization has been achieved in this smartphone with a 6.5-inch screen.

OPPO Find X2 Neo rear design

A correct battery in the OPPO Find X2 Neo

Despite what we have said before regarding the dimensions and hardware of the OPPO Find X2 Neo, the company has been able to integrate a battery that has a more than adequate amperage, since we are talking about 4,025 mAh. Therefore, it has nothing to envy the mid-range or high-end models with which it competes. And, by the way, there is a good additional detail: the balance offered by the smartphone in the hand is excellent, which shows that the place where the components are (including the one we are talking about) is well thought out.

Autonomy, better than expected

The truth is that the results that we have obtained when testing the time of use that the terminal allows have pleasantly surprised us since we expected something less. Thus, in habitual use (with several calls throughout the day and with enough emails to check and messages to answer), we have passed the day of use without the slightest problem forever. What’s more, in many cases the battery had just over 15% left, so you could “stretch the gum” a little more before charging it. Of course, getting half a day more is not a viable thing, but with the amperage of the equipment and its hardware, what is achieved is more than convincing.

In the case of the prop, the screen always on, such as when playing or watching movies, things continue on the right track without being exceptional. Thus, getting seven hours in the first case and almost nine in the second (we are talking about socks), so everything is going smoothly since it is evident that this is a model that not at all out of place as it relates to the battery. Incidentally, the battery saving option is quite effective, but at the same time aggressive with the applications in use … and this should be taken into account since the closure of those that exist in the background is quite common.

A load that impresses, and that convinces

Like the vast majority of this company’s smartphones, the fast charge it offers uses technology VOOC, which is the owner and that in the OPPO Find X2 Neo is compatible with the fourth version of this development. The case is that the maximum power that the terminal allows is 30W, a good brand and that does not make the temperature rise much when using it (but somewhat more than expected if the use of the smartphone is maintained, without being anything worrying about this).

The case is that the times are quite good, since in our tests we reached the fifty% battery charge when completely empty) in a fork ranging from 20 to 22 minutes if the device is not used. If this is not the case, we must add something else, but it is quite little and this is very positive. The case is that the feelings that the OPPO Find X2 Neo has left us are excellent.


The truth is that in everything that has to do with autonomy what is achieved with the OPPO Find X2 Neo is convincing, rocks should even be said. No disappointment of any kind with brands that make you stand out In many cases, especially when it comes to fast charging, this is a model that has no problem convincing in this section. And, this is positive, it already amply meets what is expected from a smartphone of the premium mid-range.

Written by Iván Martín

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