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Occasionally we come across some phones that have their own personality, and that call our attention for several of their characteristics. OPPO Reno2 z It is one of those phones that have something different, and that are a must if we can also find them at a price as interesting as the one that is on Amazon today.

During the day of today you can buy your OPPO Reno2 z at an incredible price: € 295. This phone is not one more and stands out in each of its main characteristics, starting with the design. Not surprisingly we are facing one of the most beautiful phones on the market, and if we add an incredible price to that, there is little more to doubt.

Take it for less than 300 euros

Enjoy the exclusive offer from Amazon where we can find this phone from the OPPO Reno2 series at a spectacular price. Because we can buy it with a discount of practically 100 euros, and have it in our hands for 295 euros. A really attractive price for a phone that makes the difference in many sections. In this case it is the black color version, with 8GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage.

Buy Oppo Reno 2 Z offer

A mobile that enters through the eyes

As we highlighted before, one of the key aspects of OPPO Reno2 z is their design. We are not facing a mobile phone, but rather a phone that shows that it has its own personality, no matter how you look at it with its curved body. Starting with your screen, which it has no border. It does not even have a reserved area for the front camera, since it fits inside the body of the phone when we are not using it. The Reno2 z front camera It is a very innovative pop up camera with a great quality for individual and group selfies.

Oppo Reno2 Z

Also in its back we can find its perfectly integrated quad camera with its most striking visual aspect, its Iridescent finish which is capable of showing us unique reflections when light falls on the phone. A phone that does not go unnoticed by anyone.

All screen, only screen

This OPPO Reno2 z offers us a screen that, as we said, occupies almost all its front, and also has the best display quality, thanks to technology AMOLED It stands out for offering greater contrast and purer blacks. The screen of the OPPO Reno2 z has a size of 6.53 inches and Full HD + resolution. In addition, this screen has an ultra-fast integrated fingerprint reader that recognizes our fingerprint when resting on the phone’s own screen.

Oppo Reno 2z

Your camera is a source of inspiration

OPPO Reno2 z also stands out for having four high-level rear cameras With which we can capture high quality images, even in low light conditions. The main lens of the rear camera is 48 megapixels, which offers us ultra-sharp photographs thanks to its IMX586 sensor with f / 1.7 aperture. The lens wide angle 8-megapixel camera offers a viewing angle of 119 degrees and allows us to see much more than a traditional scene. The monochrome lens 2 megapixel camera allows you to get vibrant portraits thanks to the dedicated mode for this type of photography.

oppo reno 2z

This portrait mode is also helped by the 2 megapixel portrait lens deep, able to calculate the distance of the subject to apply the best possible blur. It also has a 2.0 Night Mode improved to take the best photos when there is practically no light. The front camera The phone is also of great quality, as it not only takes great selfies with its 16-megapixel sensor, but also contributes to the excellent design of the phone thanks to its motorized mechanism that hides it in the body of the phone. When recording video, we can enjoy a stabilization system that allows us to record the most extreme videos without any vibration. Furthermore the video can also be recorded with its wide angle lens.

Great performance

This phone offers us a combination of perfect components for the fastest performance. Starting with your processor MediaTek Helium P90, a versatile SoC capable of bringing out the best in this phone.

Oppo Reno 2 Z offer

They also have 8GB of RAM, perfect for the smoothest multitasking, as well as 128GB of internal storage to accommodate all our downloads and content. The NPU, neural processing unit, it is capable of optimizing the result of the photographs in real time, as well as the performance of the processor and its consumption.

Large battery with ultra fast charge

This OPPO Reno2 z also offers us a battery with excellent autonomy with a size of 4000mAh, and can be charged at high speed thanks to the technology of ultra fast charging Super VOOC Flash 3.0. With it we obtain up to 51% of the load in just 30 minutes. Offering up to 8 hours of uninterrupted demanding gaming, as well as 13 hours of video playback on a single charge.

Oppo Reno 2 Z offer

Top-level multimedia

With this phone we can enjoy not only a spectacular screen, great performance and an excellent camera, but in the sound section there is also a lot of quality.

Oppo Reno 2 Z offer

Since it is not only compatible with technology Dolby Atmos, which offers more immersive audio, but is also compatible with high-resolution audio, with certification «Hi-Res Audio»That allows listening to music in more detail by containing much more information on each track.

ColorOS, the best user experience

The OPPO software layer is one of the best we can find today. In addition to a minimalist design and where we find everything where we expect it, we can enjoy great performance and efficiency thanks to its great optimization.

Don’t miss out on your OPPO Reno2 z and enjoy this offer on Amazon.

ColorOS 7 oppo

In fact this OPPO Reno2 Z will receive this July upgrade to ColorOS 7.0 based on Android 10, the latest version of the operating system with which we can access all Google apps and services.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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