or cease activity or a fine of € 10,000

Sure it sounds to you BREIN, the Netherlands anti-piracy agency that has scored a lot of victories on its field in recent years. These have ended with portals to download movies and series, streaming pages and other types of technologies to illegally access content. Now, they have focused their attention on pirated IPTV. In recent years they have collaborated with various agencies worldwide. Only in 2019 they ended up with a dozen sellers, although things do not always go well.

He agreed to pay 40,000 euros and cease activity, but he did not

Last year, BREIN got a person dedicated to selling preconfigured decoders To see pirated IPTV, it lost the pages through which it sold its services. He was sentenced to pay a 40,000 euro fine, in addition to committing to cease his activity. However, a little later two more web pages were detected in which the defendant would be behind.

Back in court, BREIN has again asked that this person’s activities cease and that he stop offering pirated subscriptions via the Internet. The anti-piracy agency presented evidence against these people, including PayPal accounts that confirmed that it was still operating. Also, the defendant’s girlfriend had a channel on Youtube with the same video that he used to advertise his services. These videos included a ProtonMail email address, identical to the one used in the first place.

For all these reasons, the justice system has issued an order against the subject to stop providing access to content protected by copyright. Failure to do so faces a fine of 10,000 euros a day with a maximum of half a million euros in total. In addition, you must pay court costs valued at 7,400 euros unless you can prove your innocence.

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