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Orange 5G will arrive in Spain at the end of 2020

Orange 5G will arrive in Spain at the end of 2020

Both operators around the world and mobile phone manufacturers agreed that 2020 would be the year of commercial deployment of the new 5G telecommunications networks.

In Spain the starting gun was fired by Vodafone in 2019 creating the first 5G network in our country. However, we are talking about a network that is very punctual in operation and only in large urban centers.

Today one of its main rivals, the French Orange, has announced that it will deploy its 5G networks in Spain before the end of 2020.

Orange’s 5G will be NSA, not SA

It must be made clear that Orange will create an infrastructure based on the 5G NSA, that is, the version of 5G that takes advantage of the installation of the existing 4G to make deployment faster. What happens is that this version is not as fast as the SA.

The French company did not want to wait any longer and will deploy its networks before the Second Digital Dividend occurs in the fall, at which time operators will be able to start creating their 5G SA networks.

The reason given by the company is that there is now more interest from consumers, and the offer of mobile phones is very high, even in the mid-range.

First available cities

As in the case of Vodafone, Orange will begin the deployment in the most important cities, such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Seville, although little by little it will reach others such as Pontevedra, Álava or Alicante.

However, the fact that a city has 5G coverage does not imply that we can use mobile phones with this connectivity on the entire surface of the city. In fact, Vodafone barely covers important areas in cities with millions of inhabitants.

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