Orange Bank launches your card without number, CVC code or date

orange bank card

Orange’s digital and mobile bank is close to completing one year in Spain. Since its launch in November 2019 (and somewhat earlier in France), it has continued to grow and incorporate new services. Orange Bank, as this bank is known, now launches in Spain the first 100% mobile debit card. This card is committed to security and does not include numbering or sensitive data. It only contains the personalized name of the owner. This is how the new Orange Bank card works.

The debit card has been part of Orange Bank’s products since its inception. However, now it is taking a leap forward with the arrival of the first 100% mobile debit card in Spain thanks to Mastercard and its initiative “Digital First”. The debit card from the bank of the French operator allows it to be used at all ATMs in Spain or at ATMs in the Euro Zone.

New Orange Bank digital card

Thanks to this new program, customers will be able to operate with their Mastercard digital card, being able to do without the physical card. This card is already available in the mobile application of Orange Bank customers and works immediately as the user has a balance in the account. From then on, you can start making online purchases and carry out operations in physical stores or ATMs. Obviously, it is compatible with mobile payment solutions such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

orange bank card

This program allows you to issue a card that does not include numbering or sensitive data, and that only contains the holder’s personalized name. This is key to increase customer security by hiding all this confidential information that will only be seen within the Orange Bank app after customer authentication. In case of theft, it will be impossible for them to do anything with the card.

In addition to the digital card, customers can request the physical card, which will not have sensitive information. The user can manage their security preferences from the application, being able to freeze or unfreeze their card, permanently cancel it or control the spending limit.

Finally, Orange highlights the benefit over environment of the 100% digital card that allows us to do without the plastic of the cards (unless we expressly request the physical card).

In another order of things, it must be remembered that Orange Bank now allows up to 30 euros for opening an account and paying with the card. With the first payment we receive 10 euros at once and then 1 euro for each of the following, with no minimum purchase. This money is immediately credited to the account.

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