Orange will offer satellite Internet in France at 100 Mbps speed

Satellite Internet connections have advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that coverage reaches all places, regardless of how isolated or remote they are from rural areas. As long as the satellite has coverage in that area, you can connect to the Internet. It is also much more secure at the signal level since it is quite complicated to cut it. As for the disadvantages, we find very high latencies, well above outdated technologies such as 3G or ADSL. These may be of the order of 500-700ms.

Orange and the agreement with Eutelsat

Orange has reached an agreement to purchase the full capacity of the Eutelsat Konnect satellite in France. This will allow Orange’s customer base, even those living in the most isolated areas, to benefit from high-speed fixed broadband via satellite from January 2021, which is when the service will launch.

Orange Eutelsat konnect

The agreement has been signed within the framework of the plan “Plan France Haut / Très Haut Débit” which aims to offer all French citizens a speed of 30 Mbps living in the area they live in the country in 2022. For this, in addition to fiber optics, operators must rely on technologies such as 5G or satellite.

From Orange they explain that the period of confinement that we have lived has revealed the need for connectivity from any part of the country. In fact, in Spain we have read quite a few cases of towns and rural areas where the telecommuting it was quite complicated.

The agreement will enter into force as the KONNECT VHTS, Eutelsat’s new high-speed and capacity satellite. This was released this January 2020 with a total capacity of 75 Gbps. It can cover 15 countries in Europe, including Spain, and 40 in Africa. The Internet speed would be 100 Mbps, more than enough for the connected services that we currently have.

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