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Oris vs Frederique Constant watch brand overview & comparison

by Tejas Dhawan

Frederique Constant is a very stylish luxury watch brand that offers some of the most visually impressive timepieces on the market today. Therefore, most of their watches have a premium price. Of course, first-class aesthetics is not the only thing Frederique Constant has to offer. On the opposite side of the ring we have Oris. Oris has earned a good reputation with its diverse selection of watches and the exclusive use of mechanical movements.

The tradition gives Oris a certain charm that is often lost with most brands. There is also the fact that Oris watches are considered luxury watches, but are much cheaper than other Swiss premium brands.

So without further ado, let’s put together these two ultra-modern watch brands and see who can make it to the top.

Oris brand overview

Oris logo

The famous Swiss watch brand is a mainstay in the list of top luxury watches. Their flawless design and construction are undeniable. Most importantly, their popularity is based on the use of mechanical movements, which they say add to their mysticism.

Oris was founded in 1904 and founded by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian. Within a decade, the watch company grew exponentially and now works with a total of six factories. During this time Oris also became the largest employer in Hölstein, Switzerland. Oris reached another milestone in the 1960s when they became one of the largest watch companies in the world and produced 1.2 million units annually.

Another fact of the company is that, although today known as a global brand, all watches are still designed and manufactured in Switzerland in-house. This insistence on keeping development in-house enables the brand to ensure that all of its watches meet the highest standards.

In addition to the mechanical clockwork, Oris also uses a unique red rotor design, which has become the company’s trademark for watchmaking. As every watch goes through a strict Swiss quality control process, it is known that Oris watches have a long lifespan.

When it comes to the most popular watches, Oris is a well-known brand among divers thanks to the Aquis watch line. Oris is also known as one of the best alternatives to premium luxury watch brands because they offer excellent and stylish timepieces at a lower cost without sacrificing quality.

Frederique Constant brand overview

Frederique Constant is another Swiss watch brand that has gained worldwide popularity. The watch company is still relatively new in the industry since the company was founded in 1988 by the Swiss couple Peter Constant Stas and Aletta Francoise Frederique Stas-Bax. Nevertheless, Frederique Constant managed to climb the ranks impressively quickly.

Frederique Constant was still a young company compared to other Swiss watchmakers (some of which are over a century old) and proved to be incredibly competent and skillful in producing high quality watches. This claim is further strengthened since the brand is now sold in over a hundred countries. Frederique Constant was taken over by the Japanese watch giant Citizen in 2016 and now belongs to the Citizen Holding Group together with Bulova, Alpina, Arnold & Son and CAMPANOLA.

Frederique Constant watches are considered luxury brands and are known for their breathtaking and creative designs. This quality is also reflected in their price tags, as Frederique Constant watches are known to be quite expensive. All in all, the price is worth it, because with its fantastic aesthetics and attention to detail, the brand offers a unique set of watches in terms of design.

Comparison of constant clocks from Oris and Frederique: moon phase clocks

Oris Artelier Grande Lune moon phase review

Oris Artelier Grande Lune moon phase rustproof
Oris Artelier Grande Lune moon phase

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Since aesthetics will be the common thread that connects Oris and Frederique Constant watches, there is no better way to make a comparison than with their watch types in the moon phase. The Artelier watch line from Oris is one of the most visually appealing offers. Therefore, it is expected that we will find their moon phase clocks in this series.

The Oris Artelier Grand Lune exudes an elegance that only Oris can achieve with the masterful implementation of traditional aesthetics and construction. Oris did not hold back on the design of the Arterlier and earned its nickname “Grande”. There are 11 diamonds on the dial that serve as markers. The dial also has a guilloche pattern, which further enhances the luxurious charm.

Other notable features include a date display that is clearly displayed at the 6 o’clock position. The flawless precision of this watch is based on the Swiss automatic movement with analog display. The movement uses 28 jewels embedded in the construction and can offer the Grande Lune a power reserve of up to 38 hours.

Frederique Constant Heart Beat moon phase rating

Frederique Constant Heart Beat moon phase brown leather strap
Frederique Constant Heart Beat moon phase

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The Heart Beat Moon Phase watch by Frederique Constant is part of their Classics collection and exudes a touch of sophistication that stays true to its name. The Heart Beat Moon Phase watch measures 40 mm and is available in two versions: stainless steel and gold-plated. With two completely different styles, the Heart Beat Moon Phase watch offers more flexibility because no one prefers the fullness of a gold watch.

The Frederique Constant Heart Beat moon phase not only has the standard functionality of the moon phase, but also a date display and an adequate water resistance of 5 ATM (50 meters or 165 feet). In addition, it has an open heart or skeleton design on the dial, which is at the 12 o’clock position. On the outer edge of the dial is a heartbeat tracker, which is an appropriate shot considering its name.

Overall, the Frederique Constant Heart Beat Moon Phase watch is a perfect watch that exemplifies what the brand can offer. High-quality materials, skilful watchmaking and brilliant design – all these are the features you can expect from a Frederique Constant watch.

Conclusion: Oris VS Frederique Constant – which is better?

Overall, we will base this decision on the success of the two brands. Oris is a more reliable watch brand with more than a century of industry experience. While Frederique Constant is relatively new to the proverbial dance, he quickly showed great potential. Right now we’re going to give Oris the crown. But with Frederique Constant’s track record, it wouldn’t be long before it takes over the old guards in the industry.

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