Othercide gameplay overview, before release on July 28th

This is a pretty unique requirement for a game. We have seen a lot of artistic horror games, and turn-based strategy games are more popular than ever, but Othercide is a fascinating mix of the two. With a highly stylized minimalist aesthetic, some creatively designed characters and environments, and a set of grids and numbers for complex strategic scenarios, you want to bring fans of horror and strategy games together.

You take command of the daughters, an army of descendants of the greatest warrior who has ever lived. You are humanity’s last hope against “suffering”, the terrible monstrosities with shameful intentions that are shown in this new trailer that they are doing no good.

The trailer also highlights the Dynamic Timeline System. During combat, the timeline shows the order in which actions are performed, regardless of whether you give orders to your units or enemy movements and actions. Various actions can cause the timeline to adjust, causing your enemy’s movements to be delayed or yours to be accelerated. The timeline changes a lot during a fight, so it’s important to pay attention to how you use this system to gain an advantage. Some of your movements do increased damage when done in a combination. Therefore, balancing the timeline to take this into account can be a wise strategy.

We also learn about character development, where each of the daughters in your army develop skills through combat. As you gain experience, each daughter will receive three classes that you can choose as an upgrade path. This allows you to specialize in various aspects of the combat system, whether it’s improved long-range offensive skills, new melee moves, or healing and defensive moves. This way you can customize each of your units to suit your playing style.

With any strategy game like this, the long-term appeal will depend on how interesting the battles are in the long run. Some smaller strategy games don’t have much more depth than learning the original systems. Othercide has a Permadeath element in which fallen units can be revived, but only by sacrificing others. When all of your units die, you have to start again, but with different new items and unlocked options. You will also unlock permanent upgrades if you successfully defeat one of the game’s bosses.

The high-contrast black / white / red color scheme is visually very striking, the terrible character designs and themes are quite unique in this genre, and it seems as if they had thought about offering something different from other similar grid-based phrases-based strategies . We think this is one to keep an eye out for when it releases on Steam later this month. With the strong color scheme and intricate designs, this is certainly the kind of game that would really benefit from a high-end gaming monitor.

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