Outlook: Start the client in safe mode

If there are problems when calling Outlook, the trouble is usually big. But a simple mechanism can make it much easier to find the cause of the error. Above all, it gives you the opportunity to access your mails again.

This integrated possibility of trouble shooting is called Safe mode or Safe mode. To do this, do not start the program in the usual way. Instead, open the Run dialog by clicking the Press the Windows key + R. Then enter the command outlook / safe and click on the OK button.

You will then be asked to select a profile. If you do not use a special profile, simply confirm the default Outlook with the OK button. The program then starts in safe mode.

In the current version, this operating mode can unfortunately no longer be added Safe mode recognize that appeared in parentheses in the title line in earlier versions. There is only the new search field next to the quick access bar. Only the color of the title bar – white instead of blue – shows that you are in Safe Mode.

In this way, you can do at least the most important tasks in Outlook, albeit with restrictions. This includes reading or sending emails, for example. However, you have to forego functions such as the separate reading area, adjustments to the toolbar or add-ins.

Deactivated add-ins can solve many startup problems. If this is also the case for you, it is very likely that one or more extensions were responsible for the misconduct. You can also use Microsoft’s proprietary troubleshooter in Safe Mode. You can find this tool under the tab Help. Then briefly describe the problem in the separate dialog area and click on Send. But remember that you are allowing Microsoft to collect and evaluate the local Outlook logs. (ad)

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