Overview of music streaming services – Apple Music, Deezer and Co.

Spotify has clearly established itself as THE music streaming service – but why actually? The service, which started in 2007, has now survived many competitors and rivals such as Simfy, Rara, Grooveshark and Wimp, but there are still many Spotify alternatives on the German streaming market. We present the alternative music services and their basic features and advantages here on GIGA.

In our overview, we focus on the services that are available in Germany and offer a real alternative to Spotify. The Spotify alternatives should therefore offer a subscription with which you can listen to a large selection of songs at any time on demand and without advertising breaks. Services and apps that combine linear online radio stations and streaming services that only offer a certain genre or exclusively music by independent artists are not covered here.

The current Spotify alternatives:

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a very interesting alternative to Spotify, especially for Prime members. The “Prime Music” package is one of the many advantages of Prime membership. Here you have access to 2 million selected songs at no additional cost. You can also listen to them offline and use them with Alexa. You only get real competition for Spotify with the “Music Unlimited” package. This offers you over 60 million songs, radio plays and books, a completely ad-free playback and all Bundesliga games live as a radio broadcast.

The “Music Unlimited” subscription costs EUR 7.99 per month for Prime members and EUR 9.99 per month for customers without Prime membership. For the audiophiles among you, Amazon offers the “Music HD” subscription an option for everyone who wants to listen to their music on good hi-fi equipment. The “Music HD” package costs EUR 12.99 per month for Prime members and EUR 14.99 per month for customers without Prime membership.

Apple Music

For many music fans, the “iTunes Store” was the first point of contact for the legal digital purchase of individual pieces of music. In 2015, Californians finally jumped onto the music streaming train with Apple Music. The regular subscription costs 9.99 euros per month and offers you 60 million songs that you can play together with the pieces purchased in your iTunes library.

Apple Music does without advertising, lets you listen to the music offline and offers you not only the music but also original programs, concerts, radio shows and other exclusive content.


Deezer is not just “this music streaming service with funny advertising”. The French streaming service, which started just a year after Spotify, has a far smaller number of users, but is available in more than twice as many countries.

In addition to the free version, which has very similar restrictions to Spotify Free, the main focus is on the premium subscription. For 9.99 euros a month you get 56 million songs that you can listen to without ads and offline. In addition to music, Deezer also offers a large selection of audio books, podcasts and radio stations.

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Google play music

With “only” 40 million songs, Google Play Music has a little less choice than the competition. For this purpose, Play Music also includes the YouTube Music service, which converts the video platform into an additional music streaming player. The regular price is also the typical EUR 9.99 per month for music streaming services.

With the streaming subscription you can listen to the music without advertising and interruption and can download your favorite songs and listen offline. As with Spotify, there are plenty of playlists and radio stations for specific moods and occasions.


Picture: Napster / Rhapsody International, Inc.

Napster has a very eventful past: from the music exchange to the legal online music service, from one parent company to the next. Since 2011, the service has been streaming under the Rhapsody company, which then renamed itself Napster in 2016.

The “Music Flatrate + Mobile” costs 9.95 euros per month, but if you only listen to music on the computer, you can also book the cheaper “Music Flatrate” for 7.95 euros per month. Napster also offers a selection of 60 million songs that you can listen to with the subscription free of charge and offline (only “Music Flatrate + Mobile”). In addition, as with Spotify, you can use genre and artist radios.


Picture: Aspiro AS

Tidal started in 2014 as a hi-fi music streaming service to offer people with demanding ears and good equipment a Spotify alternative that has a significantly better sound quality. As with most competitors, you have access to 60 million songs that you can also listen to offline. There are also 250,000 music videos and the main feature: the high-resolution quality of the streams.

The premium subscription costs – like most competitors – 9.99 euros a month and lets you stream music in AAC format at 320 Kb / s. For the audiophiles, Tidal offers the HiFi subscription, which costs EUR 19.99 a month, but also lets you stream the music in lossless FLAC format at up to 1,411 Kb / s.

How do you listen to music?

Thanks to streaming services, you can access your favorite music anytime these days. But in the hectic Internet age, very few people really take the time to enjoy music and let their playlist run in the background as permanent sound. At this point we ask the GIGA community: How do you listen to music?

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