Parallels Desktop 16 supports macOS Big Sur and accelerates DirectX

The new release also improves compatibility with newer versions of Windows 10. DirectX performance increases by up to 20 percent. But the developers are also speeding up resuming and shutting down Windows.

Parallels has updated its Parallels Desktop for Mac virtualization solution to version 16. The update brings support for macOS 11 Big Sur and the current versions of Windows 10. But the developers also shorten the application startup time and improve graphics performance.

Parallels (Image: Parallels)The new version of Parallels Desktop should now be up and running twice as fast as its predecessor. Resuming Windows and shutting down the operating system were accelerated by 20 percent. The Windows graphics interface Direct X was also 20 percent faster. This should allow users to run particularly graphics-rich and resource-hungry applications.

Not only Windows users but also Linux users should benefit from better OpenGL graphics support. Parallels also promises that more applications, especially more games, can now be used in a Windows environment on a Mac.

Numerous kernel extensions have been revised to ensure compatibility with macOS Big Sur. The battery life should also benefit from this. If Windows is running in travel mode, it should be extended by up to 10 percent. According to the company, the update to the new version 16 also brings a redesigned design.

Other changes concern the automatic storage space release. Virtual machines can now be configured to automatically free up unused space when they shut down. Parallels also applies the macOS Do Not Disturb settings for Windows. Parallels Desktop for Mac also introduces new touch gestures for Windows applications such as zooming and rotating.

The new print options allow you to select different paper formats when printing from Windows and also to print envelopes. The Safe Removal feature is designed to ensure that files in shared folders are not accidentally deleted.

Additional new functions are reserved for the Pro Edition. This includes the option of assigning up to 32 virtual CPUs and up to 12 GB of RAM to a VM. Also new is a Visual Studio plug-in and plug-ins for Vagrant, Docker and Jenkins. Linked clones are new VMs created on a snapshot of an existing VM. Since they share storage space with the parent VM, they only require a fraction of the usual storage space. The Business Edition also allows VMs to be provided for companies. Centralized management of updates is now also possible.

Standard Edition, Pro Edition, and Business Edition of Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac are available immediately. Parallels is offering existing customers a discounted upgrade at a price of 49.99 euros. A new perpetual license costs 99.99 euros.

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