Pepephone wrong invoice July 2020: compensation and claim

The Pepephone invoice arrives on time every month, as it happens with the other operators. In this invoice we are charged for the consumption of the previous month according to the products that we have contracted, be it fiber, fiber and mobile or only mobile. What is “usual” in billing is that errors occur upwards, that is, that they charge us more money than they should charge us. This forces us to waste valuable time calling the customer service telephone number. In the case of Pepephone, the story is quite different.

June invoice bonus

Pepephone customers have received in their trays of email the following message from the moon operator:


Today I am writing to inform you that, due to an incident in our systems, in the last invoicing corresponding to June consumption, whose invoice you received in early July. we apply a bonus or discount that did not correspond to you.

As it is our mistake, we have decided to assume the amount not invoiced and not bother you by claiming the pending amount.

We do believe that we should keep you informed of the faults that we detect, but in this case. We want to take responsibility for the amount so that you can not worry and simply dedicate yourself to enjoying the summer and your loved ones.

Thank you very much and we continue working.

Pepe ”


Pepephone’s curious way of acting, which is always capable of surprising its customers. In this case, they have transformed a fault of yours is an opportunity to keep its philosophy and how to act in front of your clients. The operator has made some adjustments to its offer in recent weeks.

The main one is that Pepephone stops marketing the fiber-only rates. From now on, for new customers, there is only the possibility of having a combined package with fiber and mobile. Customers can choose between: Fiber 300 Mbps + Mobile 5GB with unlimited calls for 38.90 euros per month or Fiber 600 Mbps + Mobile 25GB with unlimited calls for 48.90 euros per month.

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