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Samsung presents in South Korea, with the Galaxy Z Flip, its new customization service “Custom Skin” so you can give your most personal touch to your new mobile.

It does not escape anyone that Samsung had a different plan with its Galaxy Z Flip, and that is this second folding smartphone from the South Korean giant did not want to directly attack the most profitable mobiles of the market, offering itself rather at an intermediate level where functionality and differential design was above from a camera Top or a state-of-the-art connectivity that is now rumored.

In fact, the arrival of the first images of the Galaxy Note20 has taught us new shades that sit incredibly well to the Galaxy Z Flip, like the Mystic Bronze, and that make a smartphone that was already special look special, fashionable and perfect for more environments influencer, where something different always attracts attention.

Samsung custom mobiles, the giant's latest idea in South Korea

Samsung starts offering custom designs in South Korea, starting with the Galaxy Z Flip

And based on this, the truth is that it does not seem a bad thing that Samsung wants delve into the idea of ​​differential designs, starting as the partners of SamMobile taught us to offer in South Korea custom designs for your most important mobiles, an option that the South Korean giant already shows in some images, and that is available now for the same Galaxy Z Flip that we mentioned.

Users in South Korea can already capture their personality to the maximum in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and is that Samsung has launched the service “Custom Skin” to offer personalized designs

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Samsung custom mobiles, the giant's latest idea in South Korea

The designs are printed on the glass case, and they look as you see absolutely spectacular

Have you always wanted to give your smartphone touch your personal touch? Samsung brings it to you … !!

Well, what Samsung Korea announces is a service similar to that offered by Dbrand and Slickwraps with skins attractive designs for the most cutting-edge mobile phones on the market, but in this case offering it directly and including a skin free for all who purchase a Galaxy Z Flip in his native country.

These “masks” are customizable and are printed to suit the buyer, being able to stick them directly to the glass body of the Galaxy Z Flip to Protect it from marks, small bumps and fingerprints, also adding a touch of much more personal character to a mobile that was already different.

Samsung will explore the possibility of offering fully customized designs, but to date 11 options can be chosen skin different including four colors -light teal, red, matte transparent and watch black-, four patterns -two geometric, dots or grids- and three characters -Bear, Spider-Man and Kakao’s Nine-.

Samsung custom mobiles, the giant's latest idea in South Korea

You can choose for now between 11 designs -4 colors, 4 patterns and 3 characters- to customize your Galaxy Z Flip skin ’

Offer has been added to Samsung Members, where customers who have registered a Galaxy Z Flip will receive a coupon from next July 9 to be able to get a skin totally free personalized, directly from the new service Custom Skin from Samsung.

The company also plans promote Custom Skin at events in their stores most important, where users who attend the presentation will also receive their personalized protector and the option of having Samsung personnel apply it to their terminals for free. Unfortunately there is no news about the arrival of this service in Europe, but it is not ruled out that it will do so in the future:

We create the service Custom Skin after receiving inspiration from users of the Galaxy Z Flip, who want to express their personality with various accessories such as stickers, necklaces, key chains, etc. We hope that the Galaxy Z Flip will initiate a new culture of smartphone decoration.

For now, you can get your Galaxy Z Flip at the best price, if you want to prepare for this new wave with the most exclusive smartphone in the Android catalog till the date:

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