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Correos Express is one of the Correos group’s subsidiary. Like any third-party transport agency, the company has various contact channels to process its customer service. In this way, we can contact the Correos Express support via email, phone or through the company profile on Twitterr. On this occasion we have compiled all the ways to contact the Correos Express customer service.

Express Mail Phone in 2020

If we want to contact the company by phone, Correos Express has two telephone lines designed to serve queries related to collections and general information about the services we offer.

  • 902 1 22 333 (special pricing)
  • 91 327 70 20 (national pricing)

Notably the cost per minute of the first phone number is higher that of a conventional call by the use of a prefix 902. On the other hand, the cost per minute of the number preceded by the prefix 931 does not differ from the cost of a national call.

Correos Express email for support

express mail phone email

As of today, Correos Express does not have a public email address to answer queries, but uses a web form that we will have to fill in the incident data to obtain subsequent support via email. We can access the form through the following link:

Within the web, Correos Express allows us to select between four types of consultation:

  • Customer Service
  • I need a visit from a business consultant
  • Billing
  • Web support

In all cases we will have to provide an email address, as well as a phone number, to get a response from the company. If we want to contact the company for any problem related to the Data Protection Law, we can resort to the following address:


Correos Express social networks (Twitter)

As of today, Correos Express only has a presence on Twitter, where in addition to having an official profile, it has a Secondary profile intended to answer user questions.

  • Twitter: @Cex_responde and @CorreosExpress

Express Post Office

If we want to go to the central office of Correos Express, the company’s registered office is registered at the following address:

Avenida de Europa, 8
Coslada Transport Center
Coslada (Madrid)

Still with everything, from We recommend going directly to a local company office. We can also go to the Post offices in case the company does not have a presence in our town.

Other numbers and emails for customer support

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