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customer service cecotec

Cecotec is the company that is behind such emblematic products as the Mambo 8090 or the Conga 3490. Like any company that operates within our borders, Cecotec has a complete customer service aimed at solving the doubts and problems of brand customers. Currently this support is based on different ways of contact: phone, email, online form… We have compiled all the company’s contact channels to communicate with Cecotec’s customer service.

Toll-free Cecotec customer service number

Although Cecotec does not provide a customer service telephone number to manage repairs, it is possible to contact the company through the online store number:

According to the company’s website, the office hours Monday to Friday is from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.. It should be noted that it is not a toll-free number, but corresponds to a national prefix number whose cost is the same as that of any other call to a fixed number.

Cecotec customer service email

If we wish to contact Cecotec by email, the only address provided by the company is the following:

As the name itself indicates, this is an email address for informational purposes. For any questions related to the guarantee or repair of the products we will have to resort to other means.

Cecotec support form

customer service cecotec

To obtain direct support from Cecotec customer service we will have to resort to the support form of the official store. We can access through the following link:

We can also contact through this other form:

If we want to process a repair, it is best to resort to the latter, since the first is intended to answer general queries.

Cecotec social networks

Like most brands, Cecotec has a presence on different social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. To get a response as quickly as possible, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer directly via Twitter.

Cecotec physical store

If we choose to use a face-to-face SAT, the Spanish manufacturer has a single physical store in our country, more specifically in Valencia. The postal address is as follows:

Aqua Multispace
Carrer de Menorca, 19
46023 Valencia, Valencia

Other numbers and emails for customer support

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