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Adeslas is one of the largest insurance companies in our country. Like any third party company, the company has various ways to contact customer service. Although the ideal is to go to some of the offices that the insurer has deployed throughout Spain, the truth is that it is not always possible to claim in person. For this reason, we have compiled all Adeslas’ contact channels to communicate with customer service. Free phone, pay phone, email, social networks, etc..

Adelas telephone number: payment number and number without 902

If we want to use the phone to contact Adeslas, we can do it through two ways. The first is based on a payment line, which corresponds to the number 902 242 242. In case of opting for a cheaper route, we can always resort to the national prefix line that the company currently supplies.

This line currently operates through the number 918 315 138. Both routes are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for any type of consultation. If we want to contact Adeslas for any other reason, we can do it through the following lines:

  • Information and management of policies, authorizations and reimbursements: 902 200 200, 919 191 898 and 935 181 080. For emergencies, use 902 109 393 or 93 259 34 16.
  • Roadside assistance: 900 301 900.
  • Appointment management for dental insurance: 902 530 954 and 919 551 900.
  • Information, policy management and claims for car insurance: 918 337 197 and 932 753 237.
  • Information, policy management and claims for home insurance: 914 894 317.
  • Information, policy management and claims for business insurance: 902 420 210 and 918 315 126.
  • Information and management of death insurance policies: 902 300 343 and 918 337 121.

Adeslas Seguros support contact form

To connect with Adeslas through the company contact form we can do it through the following link:

In said form we will have to provide a valid email and phone number for direct support from Adelas customer service, as well as information about the reason for the inquiry.

Adeslas Insurance Email

Currently Adeslas does not have a public email address, but we will have to resort to the form mentioned above. If we want to contact the company for any other reason, we can do so through the following address:


Adeslas social networks (Twitter)

The last option we can use if we want to communicate with Adeslas customer service is to use their social networks. On Twitter, we can obtain support through the following profile:

Other numbers and emails for customer support

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