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Outlook is Microsoft’s email and messaging service. The service in question replaced the mythical Hotmail more than five years ago. Today, the web application maintains all the features of the application, with the difference that it is now integrated into the Office 365 suite. To contact the Outlook customer service we will have to contact the Office 365 service, which is currently included in the online service provided by Microsoft for its software products.

Outlook phone number (902, not toll free)

If we want to contact Outlook technical service by phone, the company maintains two phone lines open in Spain, one for calls within the country and the other for calls from abroad. Both lines fall within what is known as ‘special rate telephone lines’. In other words, the price of the call is significantly higher than that of a conventional call.

  • calls from Spain: 902 197 198
  • Calls from abroad: + 91 754 70 10

Another option is to call Microsoft’s central offices in Madrid through the number 91 391 90 00. It should be noted that this number is exclusively destined to attend inquiries related to the company, no products or services. To contact Microsoft from the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries we will have to resort to the following telephone numbers:

  • Ecuador: 1800 010 288
  • Peru: 51 1 7097831
  • Chile: 56 2 25994914
  • Brazil: 11 4706 0900
  • Argentina: 0 800 222 9467
  • French Guiana: 0 805 51 0101
  • Paraguay: 009 800 542 0049
  • Colombia: 1 587 0300
  • Uruguay: 000 4054 083
  • Venezuela: 0 800 100 4610
  • Surinam: 305 418 9140
  • Falkland Islands: 305 418 9137
  • Bolivia: 800 100 714

Contact Outlook via email

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Another contact way to communicate with the Outlook technical service is based on the Microsoft Help page, which we can access from the following link:

What this page does is enable a intelligent virtual assistant that attends all our consultations in Spanish. Depending on the type of problem, the wizard will suggest one or another solution in a fairly detailed way.

Outlook social networks on the Internet (Twitter and Facebook)

To contact through its social networks, we can use the Microsoft support service in Spanish on Twitter or the official Facebook account in English.

  • Twitter: @MicrosoftAyuda
  • Facebook:

Other customer support numbers and emails

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