Phones that could exist but have not been presented


For different reasons, the mobiles that we usually talk about are not always presented and that is why we must take leaks, patents or gossip very carefully. There are several mobiles that have not been presented although they have been talked about to the point of speculating on prices and which finally have not existed. It is not easy to find these phones, but we have rescued a few that you may remember.

Each of them has its origin in different points, but they keep in common that they have never been presented and who knows if they will ever become reality. As can happen in other sectors, the technologies developed by manufacturers don’t always become a reality and many times they are kept in the office drawer like a broken toy.

The iPhone 9, an incomplete dream

Before making the leap to iPhone X, Apple fans were looking forward to what would become the company’s next flagship device. This name was never used even if it was the correlative name after the iPhone 8, the firm opted for marketing to celebrate its tenth anniversary with the name of iPhone X and the presentations have been happening, leaving it forgotten.

iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9 renders

Much has been said that possibly the iPhone 9 did come into existence in development, but for different reasons it remained away from a launch. Others claim that it became the iPhone SE 2020 that we know today as a cheap smartphone. Be that as it may, it already seems practically impossible for this model to ever be launched.

Different patented Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung firm makes a large investment in development and innovation, which leads them to generate many prototypes that we do not know and a few others that make their appearance in the form of a patent. All of these are mostly dreamed of as mobiles that correspond to the next generation, in this case the Samsung Galaxy S30 and on other occasions they were baptized as Samsung Galaxy S11. There was also talk of the Samsung Galaxy X with a different folding screen than what we have finally known.

patent samsung display bezels

Whatever name we want to give them, they are mobiles that have never come into existence and they may not do so in the coming years. In most cases they are futuristic designs that could be a reality in several years, but by then we will have forgotten that they once seemed impossible to us.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Lite

The leaks gave you a bad move with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Lite. When we were all expecting a more affordable version of Samsung’s high-end in 2018, we had to settle for swallowing our hopes. This mobile was never presented although images and videos appeared that pointed to an imminent launch.

The Huawei Mate 30 Lite was never a reality

Although in China it was presented to what should have been its mirror in Europe and the rest of the world with this name, the Huawei Nova 5i Pro was not presented under the name Huawei Mate 30 Lite and prevented us from being able to buy it. Companies sometimes launch mobile phones in Asia and Europe with a different name due to marketing techniques, but in others, as is the case, they do not present themselves, they make us look like a few friends.

Mate 30 Lite rear and front

Sony Xperia 0, an unexpected name

The Sony firm surprised us with the possibility of developing a mobile that would be called Xperia 0. Everything seemed to indicate that it will come this year 2020 as a benchmark but what we knew instead were the Xperia 1 Mark II and Xperia 5 Mark II a name something more attractive. The numbering did not seem to convince everyone and we do not know if only the name was changed or other plans were also changed.

Offer Sony Xperia 5

iPhone X SE, an unreal concept

As some mobiles advance in the market, companies make decisions on the go. When we were all expecting an iPhone much cheaper than the top of the range iPhone X with the dominant iPhone X SE, we had to save patients at another time. In this case, the images were less popular and you only got to see concepts created from 3D renders that could perfectly have been a reality.

iphone se 2

The Xiaomi folding mobile

If there is a model that is being asked, it is the Xiaomi folding mobile. Many leaks, patents and possible names have been known for a non-existent device it doesn’t seem to be close. Every time we see it further and is that the company seems not to want to risk after checking with the Mi Mix Alpha that this is not yet ready for consumers.

folding phone xiaomi

We will continue waiting with great desire to know if folding mobiles ever reach the price of a mid-range and then yes, possibly Xiaomi will launch on the market with this and let’s stop talking about mobiles not presented.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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