Photos appear of the possible 5.4-inch iPhone 12 screen

iPhone 12

As much as Apple tries, and imposes sanctions on those who violate their confidentiality contracts, it is practically impossible for some information not to leak occasionally from the assembly lines of the company’s devices.

Apple is very tight in that regard. You don’t want to show your devices or part of them until they want to. More than surprising their users, I suppose they will do so as not to give clues to competing companies. Photos of the assembly line have been leaked from the “allegedly” screens of the iPhone 12.

Photos of smartphone screens have appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo and later on Twitter. The informant affirms that they are from the future 5.4-inch iPhone 12. It will have to be trusted, since only the display panels are visible in the manufacturing chain, before attaching them to the mobile phone case.

As seen in the image, it cannot be guaranteed that they are iPhone screens. By design and shape they could be, and the notch it presents to house the camera and front sensors is typical of the latest iPhones of the company.

The images have been retouched to erase reflections from the screen, where the face of the person who took the photo would surely appear, or some element that identified the place where the photo was taken.

If these photos really belong to the display panels of the new iPhone 12, we can only draw a couple of conclusions that we already knew. The first is that the disputed notch keeps popping up superior on the screen, as in all iPhones that incorporate Face ID.

The second is that the components of the future iPhone 12 are already being manufactured. That means that if they start to assemble in August, they could be ready for marketing in October.

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