Pieces of metal in tomato sauce – two apps show the danger

A number of German supermarkets are warning of a tomato sauce that comes with ready-made pizza doughs. The product can be found at Aldi, Lidl, Netto, Edeka, Penny and other supermarkets – but not all federal states are affected. Apps help keep track of product recalls.

Metal in tomato sauce: Aldi, Lidl and Co. start recall

In Germany and Austria there is a tomato sauce in circulation that can contain pieces of metal. The affected product from the Austrian manufacturers Wewalka GmbH and Tante Fanny Frischteig GmbH was offered at many supermarkets and could be contaminated with metal particles. The dough, which is offered in combination with the sauce, can be eaten without hesitation. The tomato sauce is said to have been on sale in all federal states with the exception of Bremen, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

“It cannot be ruled out that foreign metal may be contained in the tomato sauce of the product concerned. Because of the possible risk of injury when consumed, customers should definitely pay attention to the recall and never consume the product, ”said a spokesman for Lidl. The metal pieces can cause injuries in the mouth and throat. Internal injuries and bleeding are also not excluded, as reported by produktwarnung.eu.

Aldi Süd points out that the product was only sold in its own branches in Bavaria and that the best-before dates were printed on July 17 to August 16, 2020: “The danger comes exclusively from the tomato sauce that comes with the product. We therefore recommend refraining from consuming the product concerned. “

Contaminated sauce: Many supermarkets affected

The tomato sauce was not only offered at Aldi Süd and Lidl, but also at a number of other supermarkets. Pizza dough products at Netto and Edeka (best before date up to and including August 23), Penny (until August 7), Rewe (July 6 to August 22), Spar (July 22 to August 19) and Hofer are also affected (July 16 to August 16).

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Product recalls: Apps warns of dangers

To keep up to date with product recalls and consumer warnings, it is worth taking a look at the Google Play Store. The free and very well rated app “Product Recalls” stands out here.

There is also a corresponding free app for iPhones, which is called the “Callback App”.

“Product Recalls” is a German app that collects warnings. If necessary, there are also push notifications for new information directly on the phone. Alerts can also be forwarded to friends. The iPhone app also offers such a range of functions.

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