Pixel 5 gets indispensable feature

Image source: GIGA (Google Pixel 3)

Even Google cannot escape the biggest smartphone trend of the year. Compared to its predecessor, the Pixel 5 should therefore be added at a crucial point and receive a feature that is probably indispensable for many cell phone buyers.


The advantages of displays with high refresh rates are obvious: everything feels much more fluid, the content sticks to your fingers. Google already used this technology for the Pixel 4 and donated a 90 Hz display to the smartphone. A year later, the successor should now put it on again.

Pixel 5: Google uses a 120 Hz display and 5G

Industry analyst Ross Young is certain that the Pixel 5 will have a 120 Hz display, reports Droid Life. According to Young, Young has more than 25 years of experience in the display industry and should therefore have good contacts in the industry. The display should be manufactured by Samsung and BOE and measure 6.67 inches in diagonal. That would be a big leap, because the Pixel 4XL has a 6.3-inch screen.

Interesting: Young explicitly mentions the 5G version of the Google mobile phone. This leads to the suspicion that Google may only save this feature for the top model of the Pixel 5 and other variants may still only have a 90 Hz display.

Why 120 Hz displays are so important:

Google Pixel 5 is supposed to be a mid-range mobile phone

Not much is known about the Pixel 5 yet. Google made it clear once again when it came to the Pixel 4a that the cell phone appears on time. Unlike the predecessor, the Pixel 5 should no longer be a smartphone flagship, but rather settle in the upper middle class. This also suggests images that have recently appeared from the device and are supposed to show the Google mobile phone. What is particularly striking here is the elimination of the radar sensor, which Google introduced with a lot of fuss in the Pixel 4.

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