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Pixel 5: That's Really Inside the Next Google Phone

Pixel 5: That's Really Inside the Next Google Phone

What can we expect from the Pixel 5? How things are going with Google’s next cell phone is gradually becoming clearer. Now the upcoming smartphone has even appeared in a benchmark, which allows further conclusions to be drawn about the equipment. Anyone waiting for a real top smartphone could be disappointed.

Google Pixel 5: New information about the equipment

It will still be a few months before Google presents its latest work with the Pixel 5. But now some details about the cell phone have already come to light – and they may disappoint some fans. Previous rumors that Google could not rely on Qualcomm’s best processor for the Pixel 5 seem to be confirmed. In a new benchmark, the smartphone is listed with a Snapdragon 765G – and not with a faster Snapdragon 865. After all, Google is no longer as stingy when it comes to RAM as in previous phones.

According to the benchmark, in which the overall performance of the Pixel 5 was not necessarily examined, but the focus is on AI functions, the mobile phone is equipped with 8 GB of RAM. The Pixel 4 (XL) ran out after 6 GB. The Pixel 4a has also come onto the market with 6 GB of RAM. In the benchmark, however, the smartphone cannot put itself in front of its predecessor – which is probably related to the current prototype character. Since the Pixel 5 is not yet finished, only one test device should have been examined.

While no records are broken in performance because of the processor, Google should not compromise on the display. According to previous reports, the screen should have a diagonal of 6.67 inches and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hertz. So Google could at least keep up with the 2020 flagships in one area.

The video reveals what displays with 120 Hertz make up in detail:

Google Pixel 5: Presentation in October?

Google itself has not commented on when the Pixel 5 will be presented. The smartphone should be made available “soon”, they say. There are many indications that the group will present its mobile phone together with a 5G variant of the Pixel 4a in October, possibly in the first half of the month. The cell phone could be priced at 599 euros.

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