Sony has not yet officially introduced the feature, but if the activities system really appears together with the PlayStation 5, it could save you a lot of time in the future.

PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5: Activities system could save time.

The PlayStation 5 should not only offer a lot of fun, it should also be fast, according to Sony. This is probably due to the new SSD technology that the company relies on. The fast storage could also have another advantage.

We have to wait until the PlayStation 5 is released. Smart gadgets can sweeten the waiting time.

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PS5: Quick access to certain game content

The page wccftech reports on another feature of the PlayStation 5. These are the so-called activities system, which should allow you to access certain game content directly from the console menu. For example, it would be possible to start a mini-game or a race directly without having to start the game beforehand.

Sony’s chief developer Mark Cerny had already hinted at this feature when the console was introduced. It is intended to give developers the opportunity to offer further time-saving options in the future.