Play Resident Evil 3 as Aerith from Final Fantasy VII

It looks like you can play a Resident Evil and Final Fantasy crossover in the form of a new mod. The fans’ favorite character, Aerith from Final Fantasy VII, has crossed genres and landed as a mod in Resident Evil 3.

The Aerith Gainsborough Mod for Resident Evil 3 replaces the main character Jill Valentine with Aerith. Aerith is dressed like a modern STARS officer, but armed with a gun and her signature little red jacket. If Aerith is your favorite character from Final Fantasy VII, you should definitely try this new mod.

It can be a bit bizarre if Aerith kills zombies first if you’re a fan of both games. But it certainly adds something new if you’ve been looking for the perfect excuse to delve into a Resident Evil 3 replay lately.

Mod still in beta with regular updates

This mod can be adopted by Nexus Mods and is technically still in the beta phase, so there may still be a few bugs to be aware of. The main mistakes seem to be some clipping and rigging problems. However, it looks like this mod will be updated regularly. Hopefully we will be able to iron out these errors in a very short time.

The first updates were just updating and debugging the mod with the mod developer on Nexus mods and saying, “I’ll do my best to fix the bugs as soon as possible.” New variants and add-ons are also expected in the coming months.

A recently released update has managed to add Aerith’s hairstyle. This is a standalone mod that can probably be added in Resident Evil 3 without installing the Aerith mod itself. If you want to redesign Jill a bit, you can add a brand new hairstyle to her.

What does this Aerith Mod look like?

If you’re wondering what this will look like before you download and install the mod, a video has been uploaded from the YouTube channel Benjamin York Gaming that contains Aerith’s gameplay in a full action sequence.

The combination of Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil 3 may seem like a strange choice, but it already looks like a popular choice. Are you going to try this Aerith Resident Evil Mod yourself? Let us know your thoughts or write a brief overview below to let us know what you think.

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