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In the universe of Android applications, games stand out above all, with a wide variety of genres available. Over time we have seen an evolution in the quality of mobile games, with little to envy some console games.

And directly from the world of consoles and computers, comes the latest Ubisoft game. Brawlhalla arrives to put into our hands exciting fights and action in abundance, has it managed to maintain the essence of its major versions? Let’s see it!


As we mentioned in the introduction, Brawlhalla is a game that already has its presence on other platforms and has now reached mobile devices. To get a quick idea of ​​the philosophy of this new game, it’s basically fight against other opponents.

Following an essence that reminds us of Super Smash BrosAlthough nothing to do with the Nintendo title, the latest from Ubisoft comes to make us sweat in every game. For this it has a lots of game modes, so it will leave few arguments to bore us.

The essence of Super Smash Bros on your mobile

At first we have seven game modes, all against all, 1 against 1, friendly 2 against 2 and an experimental mode 1 against 1. We also have the competitive mode in which we can play our game or join an existing one.

The essence of Super Smash Bros on your mobile

And speaking of joining games, we can create our custom room, in which we will face our friends. So fun is guaranteed on all fronts. If it still seems insufficient, it has a weekly game mode that will change.

A game that we can enjoy with remote control

The mechanism is really simple, we select a game mode and one of the 51 available characters. As we fight and win games, we will improve our character, thus increasing the chances of victory.

We have 51 characters to choose from

Once everything is selected, we will appear on a stage with several platforms and we must face several rivals at once. We must have good reflexes to avoid falls and be able to get the various weapons that will appear on stage.

Brawlhalla is a game that is played with the touch controls on the screen from our smartphone, although if we connect a controller, we can use it instantly. The use of a controller is more than recommended, given how frantic the games are, and the game is designed for use. Simply connect the controller to make the controls adapt automatically and the buttons on the touch screen disappear

We must have great reflexes to win the games

We can Brawlhalla free download in the Google Play Store, in addition to being in Spanish. And enjoy its soundtrack, quite epic, on our smartphone. As usual, there are some in-game purchases, although they are not necessary to enjoy it. And are you ready?




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