Players feel trolled by the new update

Rockstar released the new summer update for GTA Online yesterday – and players feel cheated. The yacht missions in particular received a lot of criticism.

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Players think the new yacht missions are a bad joke.

GTA Online: “Buy an expensive yacht to earn cents from it”

Since the last update for GTA Online was a long time ago, the fans looked forward to the announced Los Santos Summer Special, which developer Rockstar unlocked for multiplayer yesterday. The included cars, missions and minor improvements should help players survive the hot summer days. But the opposite happened.

The new yacht missions in particular sound like a bad joke to the fans: As Reddit user Flaminex sums up, players have to spend a lot of money to be able to complete missions that bring in almost nothing. Is this really fun?

Reddit user younesberrada could have made friends with the new yacht missions if they had at least brought in cool prizes or exclusive content. New weapon systems, cannons, missiles – Things that would have gone very well with GTA Online. But instead there is only a new captain outfit.

According to the players, the summer update would have had the opportunity to finally get the yacht a meaningful reason to buy and benefit To provide. For many GTA Online players to this day, it’s just an expensive luxury item that you have to have around it. The summer update doesn’t change anything, as Reddit user AverageSoyRedditorr makes clear with his meme.

The players are dissatisfied with the summer update and want again DLCs that bring more entertaining game content for GTA Online. But who knows, maybe the Los Santos Summer Special is just a gap filler that should bridge the time until the much bigger “Liberty City” update. Leaker recently reported that Rockstar planning something big for the end of the year.

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The Los Santos Summer Special was released on August 11, 2020 for GTA Online on all current platforms. It contains new vehicles, new competitive battles and adversary modes, new missions for the yacht and many minor improvements. All in all, the fans are not satisfied with the new update. It remains to be seen how the leaked “Liberty City” update will turn out at the end of the year.

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