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Plus version of the Alexa speaker now at a great price

by Tejas Dhawan

The Amazon Echo speakers are among the most popular smart home assistants in Germany. In addition to the affordable Echo Dot, there is the Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) and the plus version “Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen)”. Every now and then Amazon even reduces the Alexa speakers. The Amazon Echo Plus is currently available with a Philips Hue bulb in a bundle at a great price.

2nd generation Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) + Philips Hue lamp on offer: Alexa speakers at Amazon in a bundle for 73.10 euros

Echo Plus (2nd gen.), Anthracite fabric + Philips Hue White LED lamp

Echo Plus (2nd gen.), Anthracite fabric + Philips Hue White LED lamp

Update from July 1st, 2020:
A few weeks ago we presented you a deal for the Amazon Echo (3rd generation), where you could order the standard version of the Alexa speaker for around 65 euros. If you missed the deal, you can now strike the Plus version at an attractive price. On top there is a “Philips Hue White” LED lamp. You can get it from Amazon Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) + Philips Hue White LED for only 73.10 eurosThe comparison via idealo.de shows that the usual price is usually around 99 euros. For a double pack of LED lamps you pay around 30 euros. So here you will find a very good offer for the Amazon Echo Plus.

Original Echo article (3rd generation):

Price trend of the Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) within the last 6 months in the overview (Image: Idealo.de)

If you don’t want to strike at Amazon, you can also order the Amazon Echo from Cyberport, Saturn, MediaMarkt or Gravis for the same price and pick it up directly in the store, for example.

Amazon Echo (3rd generation): who is it worth buying?

The Amazon Echo in standard size is suitable for you if you are looking for an Alexa speaker with more sound performance and can do without additional features such as Smart Home Hub (via ZigBee) of the even larger (and more expensive) Plus version. While the Echo Dot is well suited for small rooms, the improved sound of the Echo 3 is especially helpful if you want to sonicate a living room, for example. If necessary, you can also couple the 360-degree speaker with another echo to a stereo pair or use it as a multi-room box.

Amazon Echo Quiz: which model suits you best?

Amazon now has five models of its smart speakers on offer. Time for an overview and the question: Which one is right for me? You can find out in our quiz.

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