Pokémon GO breaks its revenue record once again

Niantic’s flagship work has topped $ 3.6 billion in revenue since it launched in the summer of 2016.

Pokémon GO is still everything a success, despite the fact that the augmented reality game was launched for mobile devices four years ago. The title based on the famous Nintendo franchise, which continues to incorporate new content, such as new events for the month of July; It has also continued to reap a good figure of earnings in all this time, it has even beaten his record earnings in the first half of 2020.

A new SensorTower report has revealed the Pokémon GO earnings figure in its four-year life, making it one of the most important mobile titles in the history of mobile devices. The Niantic game launched during the summer 2016, and in these four years of life has already exceeded $ 3.6 billion in revenue. A title that remains the leader in terms of augmented reality games, although in Japan it has a tough rival: Dragon quest walk Square Enix, which has generated more than $ 540 million in player spending since its launch in September 2019.

Pokémon GO on OPPO Find X2 Lite

Pokémon GO game screen on the OPPO Find X2 Lite

The report also reflects that the next game in this category, in terms of revenue, is Jurassic World Alive, which has accumulated $ 76.5 million. Of course, in terms of global attractiveness, there is not a single title in this category that has been able to reach the level of success that Pokémon GO has today, and that has not decreased over time. The best year in terms of player spending for Niantic’s work was 2019, where generated $ 905 million worldwide. The year of its launch (2016) it is in second place with a total of $ 832.5 million in just six months from its arrival.

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Pokémon GO has topped $ 3.6 billion in revenue

Pokémon GO figures first quarter

The revenue figures generated in Pokémon GO every first quarter of the year since its launch.

United States is the country where Pokémon GO has obtained more income, since the players have spent about 1.3 billion dollars in the game, which represents 35.4% of the total. In second place is Japan and Germany closes the podium. The report also reflects that Niantic’s title has achieved $ 1.9 billion through Google Play, which represents 53.6% of the total. For its part, the Apple App Store has generated about 1.7 billion dollars, 46.4 percent of total revenue.

But that’s not all, to date Pokémon GO has accumulated 576.7 million unique downloads worldwide, and the United States also leads this classification with 105.2 million downloads, which represents 18.2 percent of the total. Brazil is in second place with about 63 million downloads, while Mexico is in third place in this ranking with more than 36 million downloads. Also, Google Play also represents a large part of the facilities, with more than 450 million downloads (78.3% of the total).

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