Pokémon GO developer donates $ 10 million to Black Lives Matter

Because the Pokémon Go Fest was so successful, Niantic donates twice as much of the proceeds as it was intended to for an important purpose.

Pokémon GO
Trainers from all over the world came together digitally for the Pokémon Go Fest 2020.

The Pokémon Go Fest 2020 was a complete success

The digital Pokémon Go Fest that took place last weekend drew more interest than developer Niantic would have thought. Before the event, the company announced that it wanted to at least $ 5 million Donate to organizations that support racial communities in the United States. Now the event weekend is a few days ago and Niantic looks back proudly at numbers that will be in 2020 no longer expected from Pokémon Go would have.

Niantic is delighted in a blog post about the millions of players who from 124 countries participated in the event. However, the developer studio does not share official earnings numbers. According to Eurogamer’s sources, analysts estimate earnings on the weekend of July 25th and 26th around $ 25 million.

Due to the fact that even Niantic’s expectations were exceeded by the “Pokémon Go” players, the team behind the app decided on the Double the donation amount. In addition to “non-profit” organizations, special POC (People Of Color) developers are also to be promoted.

The app still sells extremely well after many years. Here’s how much money players from different countries have spent on Pokémon Go in the past:

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That’s how much money the world spends on Pokémon GO

It’s nice that Niantic is not only happy about the many tickets sold, but also gives something away from the cake – especially since the topic has disappeared from the news, but still has a major social problem.

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