Pokémon GO will remove the level 40 cap

Four years after its release, the team responsible for Pokémon GO will allow players to pass level 40.

Pokémon GO will remove the level 40 cap four years after its launch. The augmented reality game, which is still a success, has confirmed that it will allow coaches around the world to overcome this level in the game, although for now the new maximum level nor the exact moment in which this new level limit will be enabled.

The developers of Niantic’s flagship work, which has recently been filled of Team GO Rocket balloons, have officially confirmed this new measure, in addition to announcing that the mega-evolutions in Pokémon GO They can be performed on those pocket monsters that were captured in the past and have mega-evolution. Matt Slemon, product manager at Niantic, has been commissioned to publicize these developments through a video to mark the Go Fest 2020, and which you can see below.

Pokémon GO Xiaomi Black Shark 2

Pokémon GO game screen on a Xiaomi Black Shark 2

Matt Slemon has assured in the interview that the company has been studying for a long time how to undertake this change, which was not initially planned. At the moment it is not known if the new level limit will be 50 or 60, but it is a great step in the game, especially considering that a large number of players have now reached level 40, so they can now continue to progress in the game.

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Pokémon GO will allow you to go up to level 40, although the new limit is unknown

Currently the highest level that players can reach in Pokémon GO is 40, and this requires five million XP. Four years after its launch, trainers will now be able to go above that level, even the game’s developers themselves have assured that this will happen soon. Rumors suggest that the new level limit will be 50 and that users will need to win 5 million additional XP to get there, for a total of 10 million XP.

For the moment, all that remains is to wait for Niantic to confirm both the new level limit and the date when this new feature will be available. In the meantime, pay attention to your surroundings when playing the Niantic title to avoid any danger and not to disturb others, and abide by the rules of local health authorities while enjoying Pokémon GO.

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