Pokémon is now selling over 18 engagement rings

An actually innocent collaboration between The Pokémon Company and a jeweler creates a series of engagement rings for fans. Of the mostly pretty rings, we particularly noticed a very ambiguous design, which we cannot withhold from you.

What is this Pokémon called? Tip: It only looks like a Pikachu at first glance.
What is this Pokémon called? Tip: It only looks like a Pikachu at first glance.

How has no one from the Pokémon Company noticed?

Whether plush toys, figures, or clothing – as Pokémon fans you will always new products with which you can express your love for the video game series. For the wedding season, The Pokémon Company has come up with some chic designs for engagement rings that mostly rather discreet fail.

For example, there is a simple gold ring with a small Pikachu head in the middle and another ring that consists of two Pikachu tails that meet with a small diamond in the middle.

Between these simple models, a ring stands out – and that not because you would like this for an application. The idea was to make a diamond for Pikachus head by modeling the mascot’s ears with gold on top. Unfortunately, the concept doesn’t quite work out.

At least with this shape of the ears we have to think of something other than a small Pikachu:

The ambiguous engagement ring costs the equivalent over 3,000 euros, because it consists of 18 carat gold and a real diamond. Similar prices apply to the rest of the Pokémon rings.

Whether as a fashion statement, as a joke or actually for a marriage proposal: if you are interested in ordering one, you will find the entire range on the Japanese side of the Poké-Center. The gold rings are even, thematically fitting, in one pretty pokéball box shipped.

Aren’t you the Pikachu type? Then find out with our quiz which starter of the first generation suits you instead:

The red and blue versions of Pokémon have been on the market for almost 20 years, but one key question still remains unanswered: Which is the best starter? We cannot answer this question forever, but we will tell you in this test which starter suits you personally best.

What do you say about the questionable Pokémon ring? Do you see anything indecent in it or are they just Pikachu ears and we just think too ambiguously? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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