"Police call 110": new commissioner succeeds Maria Simon

© rbb / Jeanne Degraa

The actor André Kaczmarczyk succeeds Maria Simon in the “police call 110” from Brandenburg.

André Kaczmarczyk is the new investigator at the Brandenburg “police call 110”. This was announced by Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb) on Tuesday. The 34-year-old has already stood on some German theater stages and has been a member of the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus since 2016.

TV viewers saw him in two fairy tale films by ARD and ZDF and in the ZDF crime series “Die Chefin”. “It was an absolute surprise in the best sense that I was selected for the role and now I am curious and excited about this new challenge,” said Kaczmarczyk, while expressing his anticipation for the role.

The actor, who was born in Suhl, succeeds Lucas Gregorowicz (43) to Maria Simon, who has played the role of Chief Criminal Investigator Olga Lenski since 2011. The 44-year-old will leave the rbb “police call 110” at the end of this year after her 18th case “because she wants to devote herself to new tasks”, as the message says.

However, there will be no smooth transition between the two investigators. In the spring of 2021, Gregorowicz will investigate Adam Raczek as chief detective chief in one episode solo. The first “Police Call 110” thriller from the German-Polish border with the actor duo Gregorowicz-Kaczmarczyk is scheduled for the autumn of next year.

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  • Police call 110: rbb via press portal

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