Popular Samsung mobile phone + 7 GB LTE + bonus for € 16 / month

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Samsung cell phone including 7 GB tariff and WiFi router for the car for less than 16 euros? You can currently secure this great tariff bargain in the Curved Shop: There you can get the mid-range smartphone Samsung Galaxy A41 with 7 GB monthly LTE data volume and Allnet Flat for only 15.99 euros per month. As a bonus there is a mobile router for the car. We’ll introduce you to the bundle and calculate the deal.

Bargain bundle: Samsung Galaxy A41 + 7 GB LTE + Allnet-Flat at Blau.de

The current A series from Samsung is one of the most popular options among mid-range smartphones if you are looking for a cheap, yet stylish mobile phone. The relatively compact Samsung Galaxy A41 is characterized above all by a strong 6.1 inch AMOLED display, good battery life, special functions such as fast charging and a fingerprint scanner under the display. The camera also delivers good images in daylight with the 48 MP main sensor. Alternatively, you can also use a wide-angle camera.

You can get this in the Curved Shop Samsung Galaxy A41 (64 GB) now in the “Blau Allnet XL” tariff (o2 network) 7 GB LTE-Data volume, Allnet flat rate for telephony / SMS and the car router iCandy Car WiFi for only 15.99 euros in the month. You also pay a one-time fee of 10.27 euros for the smartphone and shipping.

An ideal offer for everyone who is looking for a compact Samsung smartphone + tariff with the lowest possible monthly costs.

Note: Until December 31, 2020 you will even pay a little less monthly due to the VAT reduction. You can only see the 3% discount on the invoice. It has already been taken into account for the one-off payments.

The details of the tariff at a glance:

  • Provider: Blau.de
  • Tariff: Blau Allnet XL 7 GB
  • Network: o2
  • 7 GB LTE data volume with up to 21.6 Mbit / s (download)
  • Allnet and SMS flat rate
  • 24 months minimum contract period, 3 months notice
  • Encore: iCandy Car WiFi Router

Samsung Galaxy A41 in a bundle: That’s why the offer is good

In order to arrive at the price for the pure tariff services, we have added up the total costs over the minimum term of 24 months and deducted the device costs:

  • 24 x 15.99 euros for the contract = 383.76 euros
  • Connection fee: free of charge
  • Additional payment for the Samsung Galaxy A41 (64 GB): 5.41 euros
  • Shipping costs: 4.86 euros
  • = 394.03 euros total costs over 24 months minimum term

According to the price comparison, the cheapest offer for the Samsung Galaxy A41 is currently 231.89 euros, the small router for WLAN in the car costs around 25.40 euros. If we subtract the device costs from the total costs, that leaves 136.74 euros. Arithmetically so you pay only 5.69 euros per month for the tariff without hardware. That is a solid price for 7 GB LTE data volume and an all-network flat rate.

This is how we calculate whether a cell phone tariff is really good:

Tariff with Galaxy A41: For whom is the offer worthwhile?

The tariff bundle in the Curved Shop is worthwhile for anyone looking for a stylish smartphone with solid Samsung quality and a good display for everyday tasks. Most users should comfortably get 7 GB of LTE data volume through the month even if they occasionally watch videos or large downloads. Overall, you get a complete package with a good price-performance ratio and low monthly fees. If you also have a second SIM card for the mobile WiFi router or want to charge your smartphone in the car via USB, you can benefit from the free bonus.

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