Popular smartwatch app is finally returning

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The Apple Watch may be the most popular smartwatch in the world, but not every app is also available for the wrist. Sometimes applications are even discontinued without comment. The joy is all the greater when the “lost souls” return.

Apple Watch

Even if Apple’s map application is getting better and better, not a few still swear by the primus Google Maps. However, the world’s most popular map app is not available for all Apple platforms. Google surprisingly said goodbye to the Apple Watch in 2017 and has not returned to this day. Anyone who wants to be shown the way with Google Maps mobile has to do so with the iPhone to this day, the smartwatch is useless.

Apple Watch as a navigation aid: Google Maps is coming back

But the abstinence is coming to an end soon, because Google has announced the return of Google Maps for the Apple Watch in its own blog – finally, 3 years after the temporary end of the support. According to the announcement, Google Maps should now also work extensively on the smartwatch as usual. Navigation and route information are available for cars, bicycles and public transport. What should not be missing from the Apple Watch, of course: profound navigation for the pedestrians among us.

This is how Google Maps will look and work on the Apple Watch (Image: Google).

According to Google, the watch itself shows estimated arrival times and step-by-step instructions; these can be called up and shared directly for previously saved destinations. Other destinations are defined on the iPhone app and the navigation is then transferred to the Apple Watch “on the fly”.

By the way, with watchOS 7, Apple’s own map application will also have a navigation option for cyclists in autumn. But there is more to discover:

Schedule not very specific

Google has not yet revealed a specific start date for the return of Google Maps for the Apple Watch, at the moment people are still vaguely talking about “in the coming weeks”. On the other hand, there is certainty for another feature of Google Maps on the Apple mobile phone. The iPhone app will be updated this week and will receive the “CarPlay Dashboard” function – this means the possibility of the split-screen view of the navigation app in conjunction with other media apps. The feature has been around since iOS 13, but Google Maps is only using it these days.

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