Position and gesture detection for Apple headphones

AirPods Studio

A new patent approved for Apple shows us what a new technology would be for whats signature headband headphones with position and gesture detection. This patent explains that the position of the headphones would allow adjusting the sound directly to the user’s ear, and the audio outputs could also be adjusted to avoid having to use the headphones in a single way. In addition, the patent also talks about gesture control with a touch surface that would logically adapt to the position of the helmets.

AirPods Studio patent

Wearing a headphone, using the helmets in the reverse position or even varying the angle of placement will not influence the touch panel of the helmets, in addition the sound will adapt to the position of these offering a really good experience. There is no concrete data from the implementation of this patent on any of the current devices of the firm, but it is not ruled out that it could be implemented in the near future in headband headphones that are among the latest rumors about new Apple products.

It could even be that rumored AirPods Studio add this proprietary technology by the Cupertino company and is that there are many rumors about the possible launch of a headband headphones from Apple in the coming months. Obviously at Apple they have the Beats brand at home, but seeing that they have even been removed from the “back to class” promotion we would not be surprised if these new headphones were presented soon.

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