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The leaks continue to do their own thing and we return to the fray with information about the new Samsung. Last Wednesday we saw how own Samsung auto-filtered the design of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, in an appearance as stellar as fleeting on the Samsung Russia website.

The images revealed the design of Samsung’s next flagship, and it did so on the website of the veteran Galaxy Note 8. Now, the page is inaccessible, not even to consult information about the Note 8, which is not to blame for anything. However, now we can get an idea of ​​the Possible prices at which the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Fold 2 could reach the market.

Possible price increase

This time it has been the Greek media Tech Maniac, which claims to have accurate and reliable information on the prices of the next Samsung mobiles, including the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. This source confirms that both terminals, along with the new Galaxy Fold 2, will be presented on Wednesday, August 5 in a new Samsung “Unpacked”. They also detail that the advance sale could start the same day, and the first shipments will be made on August 27.

samsung note 20 ultra

The source of the leak claims that the Galaxy Note 20 standard, will start at 1,249 euros in Greece. We are talking about prices for the Hellenic country, so the price should be lowered to 1,199 or 1,209 euros in the other countries of the union. Similarly, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra could part of the 1,499 euros According to this means, a price for Greece, which should also be reduced to 1,449 or 1,459 euros in the rest of the countries. In any case, it represents an increase compared to the Galaxy Note 10 last year, which started at 959 euros in its standard version.

The Galaxy Fold 2

Similarly, information has also been detailed regarding the price of the next Galaxy Fold 2, the new Samsung folding that will be compatible with 5G networks. In this case, it is expected to be presented along with its Note 20 series brothers, but its launch in stores could be delayed until the end of September or beginning of October, due to delays in productions derived from COVID-19. In this case, it is stated that the terminal will cost 2,199 euros. If so, we are facing a terminal more expensive than the original Fold, but cheaper than the 5G variant of the first model.

Written by David Girao

Source> TechManiacs (in Greek)

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