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Practical innovation for large cell phones

by Tejas Dhawan

Image source: GIGA – OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition

When surfing with large smartphones, users always have to stretch their fingers wide to be able to access all the important controls in Chrome. Now Google’s browser gives new insights into how to solve this problem with a simple trick on Android devices.

Google Chrome: Easier one-hand operation thanks to a revised interface

The Chrome developers have been experimenting for years on a surface for their Android browser that should allow more ergonomic operation. The last feature called “Duet”, which was supposed to move the entire toolbar to the bottom of the screen, was apparently stamped out, now a similar function draws attention to itself. As Android Police reports, the programmers at Google have not yet completely abandoned the goal.

In concrete terms, work continues to be carried out to make it easier to operate the ever larger smartphones. The tab switcher, in particular, apparently did a great job with the developers. Instead of bringing the entire address bar closer to the thumb as in “Duet”, the setting in the beta version of Google Chrome 84, which can be reached via the address “chrome: // flags / # enable-conditional-strip”, enables activation a new tab switch in the lower display area.

This is what the new Google Chrome tab switcher looks like if you have activated it in the current beta version. Image: 9to5Google

If you have activated the “Conditional Tab Strip”, the small bar appears after restarting the browser, which now enables a quick switch between the open tabs. The pages opened in Chrome can be identified by their icon. The new bar also allows easy closing or opening of tabs.

The classic tab switcher next to the address bar was not touched in the current version of the feature and can therefore still be used. However, it is possible that this will disappear as soon as the new feature is available and activated by default for all users of Google Chrome.

Especially with large smartphones, such as the Galaxy S20 Ultra, it is difficult for many users to operate the devices with just one hand:

Google Chrome Beta: New tab switcher not yet available for all users

In the 9to5Google trials, the colleagues found that the new option was not available to all users. On a Pixel 4 XL, for example, the feature was not available in the Chrome Beta. Only when trying with the Canary version of Chrome, the latest developer version, could the new tab bar be activated.

In our tests, the feature was found in the beta version and could also be activated – however, there was still no trace of the bar afterwards. In the test with Chrome Canary, however, activation was as expected.

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