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It is late compared to last year’s model, but Xiaomi has not missed the appointment and has officially presented the Mi Band 5 for Spain. We are facing the evolution of the Mi Band 4 that has given such a good result, but are we really facing an evolution that is worth the change? The answer is more doubtful in our market, since some technologies have remained along the way that many users were waiting for like May water.

Today, July 15, Xiaomi has presented several products from its IoT ecosystem, among which is the global version and therefore for Spain, of the Mi Band 5. We are facing a wearable that is called to re-fatten the sales figures of the company, since it is a perfect complement to any smartphone, being also compatible with Android and iPhone.

xiaomi mi band 5

A decaf release

We were already able to see some of the important differences between the Mi Band 4 and the Mi Band 5, but they may not be enough to encourage change. In addition, some users could opt for the Mi Band 4, given its lower price, which already places it at around 25 euros. However, we must remember some important news of the Mi Band 5 as a larger screen, reaching 1.1 inches, which is 20% more than its predecessor.

Mi Band 5 colors

The bracelet is just as aesthetically customizable, and is waterproof up to 50 meters as the previous model. However, up to 11 sport modes are integrated, expanding the six modes of the previous model. However, there is an important novelty that many users will not like. We are talking about the battery, which drops to 125 mAh compared to the 135 mAh of the Mi Band 4. However, the firm maintains that it can stay on for up to 14 days. The charging system has also changed, as the cumbersome external charging module has now been replaced by a magnetic charging system that makes it unnecessary to remove the strap to charge the bracelet.

Technologies expected

Unfortunately, the Mi Band 5 that is put on sale in our country lacks three of the most anticipated technologies. This means that we do not have NFC technology to be able to make payments or with support for smart assistants. It also does not come with the sensor that allows the control of blood oxygen, which would have been a plus of control for sports activities.

Price and date of sale

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be for sale on the company’s website and in other regular purchase channels such as Amazon at a soon to be confirmed date. its official price is 39.99 euros. This represents an increase of 5 euros compared to the Mi Band 4, which last year went on sale for 34.99 euros. This arrival has caused the price of the Mi Band 4 to have officially dropped by 10 euros, standing at 29.99 euros, although we can find it even cheaper on Amazon, bordering on 25 euros.

Written by David Girao

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