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Like most operators, MásMóvil offers additional lines. That is to say, lines with independent numbers and a series of services (calls and data) that you can use at a discount but that are associated with the main package. The main condition is that they are under the same headline and are usually much more affordable. Of course, you should bear in mind that you can only hire additional lines from MásMóvil if you have contracted a fiber and mobile package. They are not available for the fixed and fixed fiber rates or for the mobile rates, they are exclusive to convergers.

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An additional free line

MásMóvil convergent rates include you 100% discount on the monthly fee of the MAS 1 GB rate. That is, you will have an additional free line included in the price with unlimited calls and with 1 GB of data available to spend whenever you want as long as it is in the same name as the owner.

In case you unsubscribe from the convergent package or you unsubscribe any of the options included in the package, landline or main mobile line, the additional line will become a normal line only mobile whose fee will be 6.9 euros per month.

Additional lines

You can add up to four additional lines at your rate, in addition to the free additional line that includes your monthly fee in the convergent rates. In addition, you can choose between different types of line depending on whether you need more or less gigabytes. Of course, they all have unlimited calls so it will exclusively depend on the data you consume:

  • Rate PLUS 1 GB Free with your converged MásMóvil line
  • Rate PLUS 10 GB Additional with unlimited calls for 8.00 euros per month
  • Rate PLUS Additional 1 GB with unlimited calls for 3.00 euros per month
  • Plus PLUS 3 GB Additional with unlimited calls for 5.00 euros per month
  • PLUS Rate 19 Additional GB with unlimited calls for 10 euros per month

Additional lines of MasMovil

The PLUS line 19 Additional GB you will not be able to hire it at all rates. Only with:

  • Fiber 100 MB and Mobile 19 GB and unlimited calls (44.90 euros per month)
  • Fiber 600 MB and Mobile with 19 GB and unlimited calls (54.90 euros per month)

The 10 GB lines, either 100Mb Fiber or 600Mb Fiber, will not have access to the PLUS Additional 10 GB line for 10 euros per month but they will have access to all of the above and you can combine them as you wish or agree.


All prices above include discount. A discount that, according to the legal conditions of the MásMóvil rates, applies throughout the life of the client as long as you keep the converged offer contracted: A PLUS header fee and ADSL / FibraMÁSMÓVIL. Discounts are 4.9 euros, 6.9 euros and 9.9 euros on the fees of the PLUS 3 GB, PLUS 10 GB and PLUS 10 GB respectively.

How many additional lines can we hire?

In MásMóvil, as in most, you can hire up to four additional lines for each main line.

It is important to keep in mind something: you can only have four additional lines of MásMóvil so you can voluntarily give up the free one and included if you need to have four additional lines of 3 GB, 10 GB or 19 GB. You are not obliged to keep this line PLUS 1 GB for free in case you are not interested and harm the total number of lines that you may have associated. If 1 GB is not enough, you can bet on any of the others as long as you pay for them.

You should also note that you can add four additional lines in total and you can choose from all of the above with as many combinations as you want. You can add four lines with the PLUS 19GB Rate, two with this rate and two with the PLUS 3 GB Rate or combine them as you wish to fit what you are looking for with a maximum of four and without any minimum additional lines required.

Hire additional lines

You can hire additional lines from MásMóvil once you go to order from the website if you are registering as a new customer. Or from your customer section if you already have a convergent rate and want to add lines.

New client

When you go to hire a rate you can go to a configurator from which you will add the additional mobile lines with unlimited data or calls that you need. The advantage of hiring additional lines compared to making new lines with another owner is that you will get them at a better price, with permanent discount on the monthly rate while you have that contracted package.

  • Go to the MásMóvil website
  • Tap on the option “Fiber and mobile” in the top menu
  • Choose the fiber speed you want: 100 Mb or 600 Mb
  • Choose the package you want according to the gigabytes included in mobile
  • Tap on “Set your rate”
  • Look for the option “Add lines”
  • Add the additional lines you want
  • Tap the “Accept” button to see the final price
  • Confirm with the green button “I WANT IT”
  • You will see the global information of what you want to hire
    • 100MB or 600MB fiber
    • Line fee
    • Installation and shipping
    • Fixed line with unlimited calls
    • Mobile line with the chosen rate
    • Additional lines added
  • Fill with your personal data
  • Tap on “Next”
  • Complete the order by hiring as a new customer

MasMovil Contract - Additional lines

MásMóvil customers

You can add lines from your profile on MásMóvil if you don’t already have them.

  • Open the operator’s website
  • Go to the I’m a Customer button
  • Login with your username and password
  • Go to the section “Your lines”
  • You will see all the available lines and a section:
    • Do you need another line You can have it from 5 euros a month
  • Tap on “I want it”
  • Follow the steps indicated by MásMóvil

YoSoyMas - Additional lines MasMovil

Customer Support

If you have any questions or want to hire the line but not do it online, you can contact MásMóvil customer service via phone or email.

If you are a client:

  • Dial 2373 if you call from a MoreMobile number
  • Dial 911 333 333 if you call from a number other than MásMóvil
  • From abroad, dial +34 693 772 373

All lines will be operational from 8:00 in the morning to 00:00 at night from Monday to Sunday.

If you are not a customer call 900 696 000 for general information from nine in the morning to 23:00 at night from Monday to Sunday.

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