Price of PS5 and Xbox Series X games: they will be more expensive

This has been revealed by the first game that can be reserved for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X: NBA 2K21. The title will go on sale together with the consoles around the month of November, and on the GAME website we can already reserve it by paying 3 euros. But the hard part comes just below the reserve price.

74.95 euros for a game: new prices for Xbox Series X and PS5

And is that the price of the game is 74.95 euros, which implies that the games of the new generation consoles will be at least 5 euros more expensive than PS4 and Xbox One, despite the fact that NBA 2K21 is an annual sports title with a lower development cost, and that it is full of micropayments and announcements. The comparison with this game is also easier, since we can also reserve the title for the current consoles for 69.95 euros, so the rise is confirmed.

As pointed out by IDG Consulting, the price increase has to do with the fact that the cost developmental of the games has not stopped growing. For the games of the current generation, the cost of production has grown between 200 and 300% depending on the saga, study and genre, but prices have remained at 69.99 euros, or $ 59.99 in the United States. . In the same time period, the price of movie tickets has increased 39%, Netflix and pay TV prices have doubled.

Unfortunately, wages have not grown at that rate, so games are going to be less affordable by users; especially on launch day, where not everyone can afford to spend € 75. They also don’t take into account that more games are sold now than they were a few years ago, since the player base doesn’t stop growing, and the big games don’t have any problem to recoup the development investment; especially with DLC and micropayments, where no developer has complained that they cannot recover the investment they make in games. All this will make people wait for the sales, and especially to buy the games in physical format and then be able to resell them and recover some of the cost.

They may regret in the future

In the United States, the price increase in price will be even greater, where games will go from costing 60 dollars to 70. This increase of 10 dollars continues to leave them cheaper than in Spain, but it must be taken into account that this price in the US The US has no taxes. If we translate the 70 dollars into euros, we have 62.3 euros left. If we add 21% VAT, we are left with a price of 75 euros, which is what we will pay in Spain for the games on the new consoles.

This rise is the first to occur in video games since 2006, where PS3 and Xbox 360 games rose 10 euros in price. These were maintained in the current generation, but now we will have to suffer the first rise in 14 years. In that case, some games exceeded 70 euros, but later they lowered them seeing that it probably affected sales. Hopefully now they also realize the mistake of raising prices.

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