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Prices, fees and how to save

Prices, fees and how to save

Roaming in Andorra It is more expensive usual. If you travel to France, for example, you won’t have to pay more on the invoice. But things change if you go to Andorra. It is a fact that surprises many users when it is too late, when consumption is already very high and the bill amounts to several hundred euros. But why does this happen?

Roaming in the European Union

Roaming is the use of mobile data and calls when we leave our country. Data roaming has a different cost depending on the country we go to and, despite the fact that Andorra is close to Spain, its roaming rates are especially high and for those who are going to spend the day for leisure or business in the Principality of the East fact can be a big problem.

In recent years we have forgotten about these roaming problems that were common before every time we took a trip outside our borders. In June 2017, a law came into force in the European Union that forced telephone companies to offer roaming service at the same price as within each of the member countries. Therefore, every time we leave Spain, it is worth activating data roaming and we can enjoy mobile data even if we are not in our country, without the invoice being altered.


Calls from Andorra

The problem with Andorra has a very simple reason: Andorra is not a member country of the European Union nor belonging to the European Economic Area, so it does not fall within the agreement.

If you are going to travel to this area, you should know that apply your own rates and they are very high. If you travel to the Principality of Andorra without contracting any specific rate with your operator, you can pay even more than 12 euros for each mega consumed of your rate. The worst part is that you may not even realize it and keep browsing as if nothing had happened. Imagine for a moment how you can use the mobile in a couple of minutes. A video that comes to you via WhatsApp or a quick visit to Instagram. Each MB consumed, at a price of more than 12 euros. In an instant your invoice can multiply.

How to avoid a high charge?

The first thing we have to do if we plan to go to Andorra is to take a look at the specific rates of our operator. All companies have a special rate and knowing it in advance will avoid scares. We will know how much they will charge us for mega, per call or if we have a flat rate with a daily data limit and thus we will be able to minimize expenses as much as possible.

Another option is to check the rates for traveling abroad that operators have. It is not a matter of activating or not roaming but special packages such as Everywhere in Orange that activates special rates if you are going to travel. This way you will save on the prices that apply to your usual rate.

Prices in Andorra

You can contact your company or operator to find out what the exact price is for calls from Andorra or how much they will charge you for each mega. The most recommended is that you check with your operator and make sure but we collect some of the prices to give you an idea:


A price nine euros for 3 GB a day of Internet consumption. As for calls, it has a price of 1.82 euros per minute and 1.21 cents the call establishment for both calls you make and those you receive. For other destinations, the price from Andorra is 4.83 euros per minute.


Like Movistar, O2 charges you 9 euros for 3 GB a day. The price of calls to Spain or that you make from Spain is 1.50 euros per minute. The call establishment for Spain is 1.21 euros.


The calls received and sent are charged at 1.69 euros per minute and the call establishment is 1.81 euros. In addition, you must be especially careful with browsing because they will charge you 12.1 euros per mega.


In Vodafone the price of 6.05 euros per mega consumed and a price of 1.69 euros per minute of call received or sent and 1.21 the call establishment.


The mega consumed reaches 10.89 euros and the price per minute rises to 2.54 euros with call establishment of 0.43 euros.


You will have to be especially careful in this operator with the calls and megabytes consumed because you can be very expensive: each minute of call you make will cost you 4.72 euros and the establishment is 1.82 euros. The calls received are charged at 2.12 euros and each mega is 10.89 euros.


The mega is also charged expensive: 12.10 euros for each mega consumed. Calls have a price of 2.11 euros per minute for received and sent and a set price of 1.81 euros.


The mega is charged at 6.05 euros and the minutes at 1.69 euros with call establishment of 1.21 euros for all the calls made.


The price is very similar for roaming in Andorra for MásMóvil customers: 6.05 euros for each mega consumed and 1.81 euros per minute with 1.81 euros for calls made. If you receive calls, the price is 1.45 euros per minute.

Andorra roaming

Prepaid SIM

Another of the best options to avoid expensive roaming in Andorra is to get a prepaid SIM from Andorra, an alternative that can be cheaper than traveling with our Spanish SIM to the neighboring country. Andorra Telecom is the only operator in the Principality and has several prepaid rates that we can contract if we want it to be cheaper and we are going to stay for several days. Or if we usually spend the summer or go to Andorra, for example, since we can recharge it whenever we want. In addition, you can recharge online or buy it at many physical points in Andorra if you want to have it as soon as you arrive.

  • M rate for 19 euros per month with IGI included that includes 3 GB to navigate and 60 national minutes of calls in Andorra and national SMS for 0.16 cents.
  • The S Rate for 9 euros per month with IGI included with 1 GB of data to navigate, 20 minutes of national minutes and international calls not included.
  • A fee for use with 0.02 euros per MB, national calls at 0.25 cents per minute and national SMS at 0.16 cents. An affordable option where you will only pay for the use and save yourself the disproportionate payment in your operator.


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